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In the process of buying or selling a home, it is very important to have a Home Inspection.  You will not only want to know that you are making a good investment, but that the house is safe for your family.  There can be many hidden issues – structural, mechanical, or health and safety – of which you should be informed.

We are lucky to be in Alaska.  Our homes are not nearly as old as many in the Lower 48. We also have very good building contractors in our state.  That being said, NO HOME IS PERFECT!  Building codes and standards are constantly changing.  Existing homes may have items that were overlooked or that may have degraded over time. These could lead to costly repairs or upgrades.

3 Reviews for A-1 Inspection Services LLC

Sheryll Hurn 1 Reviews
Steve was awesome during the inspections.

Steve was awesome during the inspections. We work with him twice. The second inspection was really smooth and he gave us a discount as well which is super great. I highly recommend his company.

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Kevin Bishop 1 Reviews
Excellent customer service. Performed home inspection during the process

Steve goes the extra mile to show you exactly what’s going on with a potential purchase. His report is high quality, in depth, and completed quickly. If I could rate him higher than 5 stars I would.

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Drew McKeown 1 Reviews
Enough can't be said about the quality of service that A-1 provided us!

Enough can’t be said about the quality of service that A-1 provided us! We were fortunate enough to come into contact with Steve after stumbling upon our dream home. Despite everything looking good on the outside we simply couldn’t move forward with confidence without an expert opinion on the quality of our investment. Any doubts we had were quickly removed after our walk through with A-1 Inspection Services! We received a call from Steve after a reference from a realtor we had been working with. He was friendly on the phone and got right to the process we should be prepared for. It brought us comfort knowing what to expect and we instantly knew we’d be in good hands. During the inspection we had the opportunity to shadow Steve. He even encouraged us to be there for each process! Any questions or problems that we would have encountered at some point in the future were all revealed during the inspection. This gave us the opportunity to reevaluate our costs both short term and long. Most importantly, we were able to assess the overall safety of the home we would be starting our new chapter in. All in all we highly recommend this company for your future inspection. The cost is every bit worth knowing that no surprises are encountered during your move into your new home!

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