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AA-MSA Inspectors are certified members of ASHI ® – The American Society of Home Inspectors. Anyone can advertise or be referred to as a Home Inspector, even licensed interns who are still learning. Don’t trust the Inspector of your new home to an intern who is still learning. Call AA-MSA and get a professional whose skills are honed continually by doing hundreds of Inspectors per year. Click here for more information.

3 Reviews for AA-MSA Inspection Services

Logan Singerman 1 Reviews
In essence he heard my concern and said – I am not going to do anything about it.

Do not use AA-MSA for your home inspection. The home inspection was poor – he missed multiple things, he didn’t even inspect everything the contract said he would and the state requires, customer service is poor, and they are over priced. Two days before I had to make my final offer I came to realize he had missed asbestos in the basement, he hadn’t even inspected the attic (though the report said he did), he hadn’t inspected the windows (though the report said he did), he hadn’t checked outlets around the house, and more. He breezed through an inspection for a 1750 square foot home in 45 minutes. When I emailed him and then called him the day before I had to make an offer to voice my concerns, tell him the tight deadline I was under, and see if there was any way he could come and take a thorough look and do what his contract said he would do, or at least speak to my concerns he replied…”I will check my email on Monday-take care”. He didn’t respond to the email on Monday.

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Inspectors are supposed to make the process of buying a house more comfortable and not traumatizing the way Joe did.

I have never had a worse experience with an inspection and I would not recommend Joe to anyone. I honestly feel like documenting a complain against Joe with BBB, because of his unethical and disrespectful behavior. On the day of the inspection, we arrived about 40 mins late as we are buying a house in another state so it was a 2.5 hours drive for us and we ran into quite a bit of traffic. However I’ve purchased multiple properties before and we would generally arrive a bit late and the inspector would give us a run through highlighting any issues that he found. But when we reached, the first thing Joe asked was from me to sign two forms and give him the check of 1100 for the inspection. He also told me he had another 60 mins before he had to leave for another inspection. I was surprised that he had booked 2 hours to do an inspection of a 3000 sq foot house, where he was also going to inspect well, radon, sauna, jacuzzi etc. I asked him if he could give me a 5 mins summary of what he had found so far, but he said no because we were late. I told him that he could give me the summary while my husband was getting the checkbook from the car, but he said that he wanted the check first. He seemed very agitated. I decided to not talk to him then and asked me husband to go discuss instead. My husband went to talk to him nicely, but instead he threw the notebook he was holding and called us disrespectful. Then he stormed off and left when I tried to stop him and ask him to finish what he had already started. Here after driving 2.5 hours, we were left with no inspection and the stress of getting another appointment with someone else by the deadline stated in my contract. I was as it is having a lot of difficulty reaching Joe before the inspection and I should have taken that as I a sign. I had asked Joe to call me multiple times, so I could discuss some concerns I had about the house but I did not receive his call, just one word responses over thumbtack.

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Andrew Brugger 1 Reviews
I used AA-MSA for a home purchase inspection.

I used AA-MSA for a home purchase inspection. From the very beginning, Joe was very professional and put me at ease with the inspection process. He took the time on the phone to discuss concerns I had about the house and told me what and how he would be inspecting and what certifications he holds. AA-MSA performs an excellent service for the value. We requested a general home inspection radon test and a water well inspection with the full battery of water testing; the price for this service was very competitive and I felt like Joe performed a very thorough inspection and provided a very detailed inspection report. I would recommend Joe for anyone looking to purchase a home.

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