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Even experienced homebuyers sometimes make this rookie mistake. They assume that because a home has passed all local codes and ordinances, it must be in good shape. Don’t be so sure,  a brand new home that had just passed the final municipal and county building inspections may still have issues  An inspector explored the crawl space beneath a house and discovered someone had removed about 3 feet of the home’s main support beam to accommodate duct work.  The house was already beginning to sink in that area.

3 Reviews for Able Eye Inspections

Nam Jun Pak 1 Reviews
Without a doubt you won't find a more professional and passionate person

Without a doubt you won’t find a more professional and passionate person than Charlie when it comes to inspecting all things about your home or future home. After reading all the five star reviews I immediately contacted Charlie to do a pre purchase home inspection. He absolutely takes great pride and truly cares about how the house will affect the potential homeowners in the long run. He thoroughly inspects every single part of the house and captures them well in a very detailed and professional report. I really appreciated how he explained everything in layman’s terms. I highly highly highly recommend contacting Charlie for your next home inspection!! You don’t need to contact anyone else!!

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We used Charlie for our home inspection and he was worth every penny.

He was very knowledgeable about the whole process and had our best interest in mind. He didn’t rush through our home, he took the time to check everything very thoroughly. Charlie treated our home as if he was inspecting a house of his own. Not only was he professional, taking all the COVID-19 precautions, he knew a tremendous amount about all areas of the house from the roof to the irrigation. He showed up on time, when he was scheduled and was/is very responsive to any questions that we have. Charlie checked every window and every outlet and even got on our roof to inspect that too. Which isn’t required by inspectors, exceeding what normal inspection companies do in many areas of the home and on his inspection report. Charlie doesn’t do the bare minimum, he goes above and beyond. Charlie leaves notes throughout his report (which is given back to you VERY quickly) to help you as a homeowner. He wants the best for his customers and that is reflected throughout the whole process with him. Again, he does so much more than what is required, you won’t get that with other companies. I did my research and called several companies who wanted close to what he charges for just the bare minimum. He answered all of my questions being a first time home buyer, and told me things to look out for. I HIGHLY recommend Charlie and I will be using him again at the 11 month mark on my house.

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Jeremy Cobb 1 Reviews
We had a great experience working with Charlie.

We had a great experience working with Charlie. Great communication, and welcome insight into items that were found deficient. Would highly recommend.

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