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Trust the professionals at Absolute Home Inspections, LLC for all of your home inspection needs in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our firm is locally owned and operated by Jerry W. Smith who is a Vietnam Veteran and is proud to be an American and to have served his country. (All home inspection clients will receive a beautiful 3X5 nylon embroidered U.S.A. flag) He is eager to answer your questions pertaining to home inspections and environmental testings. Our prices are competitive and we pay close attention to detail while providing high-quality inspections. In addition to our standard home inspection services, we also provide radon gas testing, mold testing and water analysis. Jerry has acquired all licensing and certifications required for these inspections in the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

4 Reviews for Absolute Home Inspections LLC

michal.kosmowsk 1 Reviews
He is very responsive and quickly

Easiest 5 stars!! This is our first time working with Jerry. He is very responsive and quickly fit us into his schedule. He arrived on time for our pre-drywall inspection, and he did an excellent job. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Also, he was patient at explaining things he noticed. His report was detailed, and his cost was very reasonable. He was fun to work with. We will definitely call him again for our home inspection down the road. We highly recommend his services!

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Caitlyn Holahan 1 Reviews
Definitely recommend working with Jerry!

Jerry was wonderful to work with on our home inspection. He arrived on time, in a well marked van showing his company. He was very warm and welcoming, letting us know exactly what he was going to be doing and how he was going to do the inspection. He talked to us through the entire inspection, showing us everything he saw while taking pictures. He gave us tips and tricks for fixing small things, along with products he recommended. He was funny, witty, and good natured through the entire inspection. He provided us a binder with tons of information and a beautiful American flag. He got us the completed report in a matter of hours, which was so easy to read. It was well explained and had detailed pictures. The notes for each section clearly explained everything he detailed to us during the inspection. He also followed up the following day to see if we received his report and had any further questions. Jerry let us know we could reach out at any time if we had more questions.

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Brandon 1 Reviews
Jerry will not recommend whether he thinks you should

Jerry was a fantastic inspector for the home I purchased and was very honest and thorough. His reports cover everything you would need to know and he doesn’t shy away from putting in a little extra work to make sure you know what you’re getting into. What do I mean by this? Well, Jerry does it all. He’ll check out crawl spaces, check behind outlets to see if he identifies anything weird (he doesn’t mess with the wiring/electrical work – just simply looks and tells you what he thinks), he’ll get up into a attic and get onto the roof, and pretty much anything else you can think of. He’s super knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things to you if you want additional knowledge. He’ll recommend cleaning products for certain treatments, measure air filters for you, and tell you what’s the best bang for your buck in terms of materials such as using steel braided hoses for your washer/dryer or using conchrobium to get rid of mold instead of bleach. I pretty much followed him around everywhere and listened to everything he had to say and I feel like I am much more informed because of working with him than I would be with any other inspector. He’s a friendly, super smart man and he is very reasonable. He’s also on-time for inspections. I paid $525 for my 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home to be inspected and an extra $100 for his radon test. I don’t know what his rates are now, but I wouldn’t pay anyone else. He took pictures of all deficiencies and categorized them into priorities as well as put a “useful information” section in his report that had measurements, etc. we had checked. Jerry even gives a complementary American flag with his inspections and gave me a binder with information on home care. Overall, I was super pleased and wouldn’t pick anyone other than him if I had to do it again. I hear sellers cringe when they see him as the inspector and now I know why. If you’re smart, you’ll pick Jerry. Disclaimer: Jerry will not recommend whether he thinks you should make the purchase or not as his job is simply to help you make an educated decision based off what he finds. He is forbidden by law to give you an idea of the repair costs as well. This is all understandable.

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LUCAS 1 Reviews
Jerry Smith was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and excellent at teaching.

Jerry Smith was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and excellent at teaching. I will certainly use him for any future home inspections. He is not only kind, but took extra care to make sure my wife and I understood everything about our home, and how to maintain it well. He was clear and concise in conveying information about our home to be. He broke information down into three categories: 1. Structural/need to address issues, 2. Cosmetic/home maintenance issues, and 3. Things specific to the home that we should know as the home owner (i.e. where the main water shut off is). I would 100% recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspector. He is priced very competitively, and does radon inspections as well!

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