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When making a large purchase, your first priority should be a thorough inspection. We view the property and structure, whether a house or commercial building as a system, with the components and systems interacting, interfacing, and effecting each other. The inspection and report covers all visible and readily accessible structural, mechanical, and other building systems and components. An in-depth inspection of the average single family home takes 2.5 to 4 hours, larger houses take longer.  Commercial properties vary in time. We don’t rush off to the next inspection, it takes what it takes. Hundreds of points are checked at every inspection. Accept nothing less.

3 Reviews for ACE Home Inspection, Inc.

Westfield NJ 1 Reviews
Hi Rob, Hope you are staying cool. Basement inspections must be the favorite

Hi Rob, Hope you are staying cool. Basement inspections must be the favorite part of your day! Please use me as a warning and case study for your future customers. You told me to have the A/C system checked and put under service contract before settlement. I was busy and it was new in 2008, so I didn’t bother. Guess what happened a few weeks after settlement? The A/C went out: -The former owners “couldn’t remember” who the A/C contractor was “and “couldn’t get to their files”. So, no warranty. – I had to replace the compressor, and also the blower in the attic had to be replaced

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Ashley Manning 1 Reviews
Ace was worth every penny.

My inspection was meticulously done and uncovered so many issues other companies would miss. I really appreciated Roberts commitment to providing excellent service. Would highly recommend.

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Chloe Y. Choi 1 Reviews
This is first time I am writing a review on google.

I sometimes put reviews on yelp but not here. But I had to for this one I wouldn’t recommend this inspection company for condominium. I would give 0 star if I can. Maybe Robert Fico does good job with houses. soooo disappointed with condo. He is also a lot more expensive than other inspections company. He charged me $625 for condo and he would have missed the broken window if I haven’t pointed it out to him. After I pointed it out, still told me it is supposed to be like that and I told him the other window isn’t. And he changed his mind and told me I am right. So if I wasn’t watching him carefully, he would definitely miss that. And that window couldn’t close completely.

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