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When you have finally found the home that you have been searching for, the next step is to find a good home inspector to make sure that the home is worth buying and does not need major repairs. Who wants to buy someone else’s headache?

This step can be just as difficult as choosing the house itself. Who charges what? What is included? Do they do a good job?

3 Reviews for Advantage Home Inspection

Steven Keith 1 Reviews
We have used Dave on two properties.

He is extremely professional and knowledgeable! He explained everything that we were looking at in detail and helped us understand which issues were minor and which were more major. His complete report saved us from buying a house needing thousands in repairs that we wouldn’t have known about. We highly recommend Advantage Home Inspection and wouldn’t think of ever using someone else!

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Charles Parrish 1 Reviews
David was extremely professional and thorough

David was extremely professional and thorough, I would recommend his services to everyone. He also took the time to provide considerations for preventing potential future problems if not addressed.

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Ali M. Gav 1 Reviews
David is the best house inspector we could've asked for when we decided to buy our home.

He is highly attention-to-detail oriented, and approaches inspection like a true scientist, discovering correlations and cause-and-effect relationships that I really think other inspectors wouldn’t have paid so much attention to. For ex, I asked if he could tell if we had insulation hidden in our external walls. He was able to find small clues in the basement edges that we had blow-in insulation. He also picked up on an external addition wall that was slightly angled outward (I totally missed that), and how that indicated settling and potential problems down the road, as well he told us how to fix it. He picked up on our driveway being angled toward the house rather than away, and how that was contributing to the high humidity in our basement, and some minor mold in there, and told us how to fix that too. In the end we bought the house, but we bought it as educated consumers, knowing what repairs to expect. I will say that we had some minor hiccups before we met, because he is much more fond of email than call-backs (it was a bit off-putting), but this is easily forgivable given what a truly intelligent and astute detective he is once you meet him in person. Hands down I would never even think to call anyone but david for our next purchase. In response to the 1-star review from the seller who didn’t sell his house because of David’s thorough inspection: that’s exactly the kind of inspector you want if you’re the buyer! One who will give you honest feedback on all kinds of issues, not a deal-pusher. When I read that review my respect for david climbed even higher.

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