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  • Home inspector since 1980
  • Over 12 years prior experience in renovations and restoration of residential and commercial buildings
  • Specializing in antique, older, and complex homes
  • Massachusetts Home Inspector License #288
  • Connecticut Home Inspector License #270
  • New Hampshire Home Inspector License #144
  • Vermont Home Inspector License #143.0122999
  • Rhode Island Home Inspector License #RI-44226

6 Reviews for Advent Home Inspections

Jamie golub 1 Reviews
Dan was professional and responsive

We were buying a new home, and before we signed the P&S we were required to get a home inspection to ensure there were no expensive issues that needed attention. As the new home was not nearby and time was of the essence, I found Dan using the state of MA listing of licensed home inspectors, available here: http://license.reg.state.ma.us/public/hi_biz/v_list_hi_order.asp?OrderCrtr=city and then followed up with Angie’s list to look at the ratings. Starting with our initial phone conversation, Dan DeStefano of Advent Home inspections stood out from the crowd. He was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and gave me clear answers to all my questions. On the day of the inspection Dan got there before us and quickly got to work setting up the water flow test; when I arrived he explained what he was doing and what the test meant to us.

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Leo livshet 1 Reviews
Very professional and knowladgeble

Dan was very professional and responsive from the outset. I called his number on his website, Advent Home Inspections, and left a message on a Sunday morning expecting a response by, at least, Monday and I got a call back a couple of hours later. I was impressed! We scheduled an inspection for the following Wednesday and when we showed up at the home on that date, we found that, not only had he already arrived, he had already inspected the roof! During the inspection, he was very meticulous and detailed. He noticed a few issues that were troublesome and was very informative about what the implications would be to the home as well as giving us options we could pursue to correct them.

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Sam teller 1 Reviews
He is punctual, knowledgeable

Fairly well. Dan did a reasonable job of identifying potential issues. He missed some things that the buyer’s inspector noticed and downplayed some issues that the buyer’s inspector identify as quite serious. He also did a separate ‘damaging-insect’ inspection that went smoothly (add’l $125)

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Wes F 1 Reviews
Dan was great, he was on time and thorough.

Dan was great, he was on time and thorough. He did a great job looking at everything down to the smallest detail, and explaining what he was looking for and why. The report came back in under a day, and was extremely detailed, including photos. All i can say is phenomenal.

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Joseph Smeraldi 1 Reviews
Price – he quoted me $750. When I asked why so much for a tiny house,

Dan showed up late and spend about 90 minutes on site. He spent most of the time socializing with the realtors. I chose him over other recommended inspectors because he said he specialized in older homes. I bought a 900 Sq ft 19th century brick house. He was TWICE the price of other inspectors. He added no value. He said the house was solid. It wasn’t. Price – he quoted me $750. When I asked why so much for a tiny house, he said he would do it for $700. Then when we finished he demanded $850 saying he did additional insect inspection. I told him that before he stated I said just a basic inspection (brick house), he got defensive and said he already did it so I had to pay. Instead of making a scene in front of the realtors I paid it.

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b 1 Reviews
If I could give a zero rating, then I would.

Dan was about double to triple the cost of other inspectors, but he seemed to specialize in older homes so we pulled the pin. My first issue is that he missed a ton of obvious issues with the home. I had to point things out to him as we walked through the home. I assume because if he reports too many negative findings, that he will get a bad rep with real estate agents and then they will not recommend his services. He also left the real estate agent in charge of retrieving the radon test and mailing it to the lab. However, the real estate agent never did that. When I told Dan that this happened and I never got the test results, he still charged me $75 for the test kit. The kit is like $20 on Amazon. I was so finished with him at that point that I stopped arguing and just accepted it. You can pay half the price and have a much better experience and inspection elsewhere.

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