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Our highly qualified inspectors at Best Inspection Services, Inc. have performed home inspections for 15 years! Our inspectors have the background-working with houses from the ground up in construction and general contracting. We are experts in new construction and light commercial, and have testified as expert witnesses in a wide variety of construction industry situations, mainly because of our experience and record in the construction industry and in home inspections.

Licensed contractors for over 20 years, we are certified by the Residential Home Inspection Institute, members of the Better Business Bureau, and are affiliate members of the Dayton Area Board of Realtors. Our inspectors are Licensed Home Inspectors by the State of Ohio. We have completed over 10,000 residential and commercial inspections, and take continuing education courses yearly.

3 Reviews for Best Inspection Services, Inc.

Timothy Isham 1 Reviews
We had a very very detailed oriented inspector

We had a very very detailed oriented inspector that knows alot and seen alot so if your looking at your investment and wanting to know the cost choose Best Inspection Services! They are affordable and do a wonderful job with pictures and are willing to answer any questions you may have. They give you not just pictures but answers. As any potential homeowner I highly recommend.

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Alex Boyer 1 Reviews
Doug was thorough with the inspection and broke all of his findings

Doug was thorough with the inspection and broke all of his findings to me in easy to understand ways and offered his advice on who to call for fixes to problems and what actions should be taken. Professional and kind in his manner, I was pleased to do business with them and will again if I ever need to!

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Darlene Brown 1 Reviews
I will always sing this firms praises.

I will always sing this firms praises. I was living in Arizona and purchasing a home in Dayton, Ohio. I put a contract on one home and had Best Inspection Services perform the inspection. He uncovered some very serious problems so I did not purchase the home. The next home I purchased was a nice brick ranch and was definitely a fixer upper. Thanks to Best I had no surprises because he identified every single thing that needed to be repaired/replaced. A year and three months later I noticed the backyard side of my roof had multiple shingles lifted and they looked scrunched up in places. My insurance company told me if they were pre-existing they may not cover the replacement. I explained I just bought the property a year ago and it was professionally inspected and at that time there were no problems with the roof. We also had a tornado three blocks down the street right after we moved in. The insurance agent said if I could provide a picture showing there was no damage to the roof at the time I purchased it they would cover the damage. I contacted Best Inspection and asked if they could provide any pictures of the backyard portion of the roof from the time of the initial inspection performed at time of purchase. They were so helpful and three days later I had the pictures of the roof I needed to provide to my insurance company. I am so grateful to this company. They helped me to avoid a calamity multiple times by their professionalism, thoroughness, and timeliness.

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