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You’ve found the right house and you’ve made an offer. It’s an exciting time, but also can be nerve-wracking! You love the look of the house, but you know there may be things you don’t see. You also know that unseen problem areas can lead to frustration and considerable expense. It is crucial to make sure that what looks so perfect in your eyes measures up to the standards of a qualified home inspector. A home inspection by Block By Block Home Inspections is just what you need to have complete confidence in your home purchase decision.

2 Reviews for Block By Block Home Inspections, Inc

Bradvoeller21 1 Reviews
Brian and couldn't have be more pleased with his work, efficiency, kindness and professionalism.

I had Brian Inspect (2) homes for me. I’m very glad that my realtor (Dan Curran, Integrity Realty) recommended Brian to me because the first home I put an offer on looked very promising. However, Brian was able to really look at the details and explain the technical side of the housing/building codes. He took me around the house and pointed out various problems that I didn’t even notice during the tour because they were well hidden from plain sight. He made great recommendations on what could be done and how one might do those things. Some of these problems would costs thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands. Being a first time home buyer, I wasn’t opposed to getting a house that needed some TLC, but this house was going to be a handful. Upon completion of the inspection, Brian supplied me with a very useful book called, “How to Operate Your Home, An Owner’s Manual for Your Home”. It is a great resource and gives great explanations and pictures on how things should be done from heating and plumbing to tips on energy efficiency. In regards to the final report, I received it the same night that the inspection was done and was very detailed and listed out all the problems and concerns along with remedies to fix. He also sent all of the photos and labeled each photo on what they were which was very helpful as well. Moving on to the second house I put an offer in on. I was feeling a lot better because I learned what to look for from Brian. Like any house there are going to be some problems and Brian was able to find them, but nothing overly concerning. He did an amazing job once again and really took the time to look at everything top to bottom. As before, Brian was able to get the detailed report to me that same night along with all of the labeled photos. I am now in the final stages of buying my first home and I am thankful that I was able to work with Brian and couldn’t have be more pleased with his work, efficiency, kindness and professionalism. If you weren’t able to tell by now I would recommend Brian to anyone I know that is looking for an inspector and I will continue using him in the future. Also, a shout out to Suzanne who sets up all of the appointments. She is very sweet and made everything a breeze to setup. She got back to me in a very timely matter and explained how everything was going to work which put me at ease considering I was new to the home buying process.

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Overall the inspection has given us great confidence in making a purchase on our home.

Brian Block, the home inspector we chose to go with on the home we recently had an offer accepted on, and Suzanne who runs the telephone were wonderful to work with. Suzanne is detailed, quick to respond (even on the weekend, I found!), and carried us along in the process. We were able to schedule the appointment in perfect timing for our inspection period. Brian is thorough, knows codes exceptionally well, and is willing (albeit at a respectful distance during COVID) to take you through his inspection step-by-step, answer questions, and offer advice within reasonable parameters. The process prior to the inspection outlines the stipulations of the inspection, what is possible and what is not possible (such as when accessing a sealed attic, which is not possible if it is sealed). The report that Brain develops makes him stand out from other home inspectors. It is comprised of labeled photos, with digital markups, and many, many written pages on issues that came up during the inspection, details on areas where he was not able to provide a full inspection (such as invading by cutting into a wall), and plenty of details on how to proceed once (and if) you become the homeowner. That, and the massive 300-page book he (might!) give you on how to operate your home from top to bottom, makes his service very worthwhile. We are also glad we ordered the Radon test, as the results showed us we need to act on it when we move in!

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