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If you are looking to relocate to the East Valley or Phoenix Metro area, Blue Shield home inspection is able to complete a home inspection and uncover any underling issues that the property may have.  Your home inspection focuses on the home’s structure, roofing, heating and AC system, foundations, electrical, Plumbing and all major components of your homes potential value.

3 Reviews for Blue Shield Home Inspection & Consulting

Jennifer Ngo 1 Reviews
We would use him again and highly recommend him to friends

Kevin impressed us with the detail in his inspection. He was able to tell us about everything he checked (with photos) and answer any questions we had. He reported everything big or small just so we were aware of issues or potential issues.

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Katie Sarina 1 Reviews
Would recommend him to anyone wanting a thorough, honest inspection completed.

Kevin is very thorough in his inspection reports, he includes multiple photos of each issue and gives recommendations. Being a first time home buyer and definitely not a handy person, I had a lot of questions and Kevin answered all of them. I even reached out to him after the report was sent to ask the cost/services needed for some of the issues written in the report. I only had 5 days to get an inspection completed, I called him on Sunday and he flexed his schedule to fit the owner’s and my time.

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Thomas mcGrew 1 Reviews
I would recommend Kevin to my friends and Family!

Kevin is an all around stand up guy! He is thorough, fair, kind, and wants to make sure you are satisfied. In our inspection he found many details most people would overlook, but still wanted us to be aware of, and even recommended non-expensive ways to repair them. P.s. I’m not sure where this one star review came from. He must have the wrong Kevin, all that guy reviews are things in South Carolina, not Arizona.

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