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BPG Inspections - Cincinnati Home Inspectors

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BPG inspectors perform comprehensive visual inspections involving a home’s major visible, structural and mechanical systems for homeowners and prospective buyers. BPG Inspectors adhere to the appropriate state licensing law for home inspections (where applicable) or a nationally recognized standard or practice for home inspections such as ASHI or NACHI standard. The items examined in a typical home inspection include the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, foundation, roof, exterior and interior structures and built-in appliances. The visual inspection culminates in a set of comprehensive, computer generated reports describing the condition of the items and systems inspected. Your digital report with photos will be delivered within 24 hours or le

3 Reviews for BPG Inspections – Cincinnati Home Inspections

Markus Rask 1 Reviews
when performing supplemental inspections on a home with a pending offer.

I called this company on a Thursday to request that an engineer perform a structural inspection on a home I had a pending offer on. The phone number on the website was apparently the engineer’s direct line. He sounded annoyed that I had called him directly, and gave me the office number to schedule an appointment. No problem – I called the office, and they scheduled him to come out on next-day (Friday). When I called Friday afternoon to inquire about the inspection results, they told me they had no record of an appointment for my name or for the address. They offered to schedule a new inspection, 3 days later on Monday. I declined. Very unprofessional, especially considering that time is limited when performing supplemental inspections on a home with a pending offer.

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Jerry Potter 1 Reviews
Contacted BPG, and they have continued to give me the run around.

$500 for an engineer inspection with questions about why the floor in one room of my 1950’s built house was sagging and bouncy. Received the report and it made no reference to what was causing my issues nor recommendations how to correct. Just that the floor was sagging a little and that it appeared serviceable. I requested an engineer so that I would have the information needed so that could pay a contractor to fix the sagging/ bouncy floor in my old house. I have to find a different engineer.

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Johnny Pharo 1 Reviews
I do not recommend this company.

Zero quality control. Poor management team. They do not care about customer satisfaction or about providing a quality service. Please trust me when I say not to waste your money with this company

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