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Broadneck Home Inspections will Conduct a thorough examination of your new or existing single family home, condo unit, row house, town house, or multi-family dwelling. Our inspector will analyze the systems and components in the property to determine their condition and functionality. You can expect a detailed inspection of structural and mechanical integrity, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems and appliances that are installed new or conveyed with the home. From roof to foundation A&A will work to make sure you know all there is to know about the property you own or intend to buy. When the inspection is complete we’ll provide you with a computerized, printed report, with pictures, and you’ll also get a termite report at no additional charge. Contact us today to take advantage of this special offer and our professional service.

3 Reviews for Broadneck Home Inspections, LLC

Seth Murray 1 Reviews
Great for home inspections.

Great for home inspections. Despite short notice, Ryan made room in his schedule for our home inspection. He was tremendously thorough while on the property, turned around the inspection report within 24 hours, and provided an inspection report that strongly informed our offer.

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I highly recommend Broadneck Home Inspections!

Ryan is absolutely who you want to hire for a home inspection. PHONE CONSULTATION: The first reason I knew he was the right choice was when I was shopping around for home inspectors for my historic home. Ryan looked up the listing of my property and gave me an in-depth and personalized consultation right then over the phone. From my experience that’s rare and shows high integrity and good character. PRICING: His prices were also right in the middle of the higher and lower estimates I received, with bundled savings for add-ons. The standard home inspection included the roof which is pretty much unheard of. EXPERTISE: The home I’m buying was built in 1840 and Ryan’s experience from working on historic homes in and around Annapolis was clearly evident throughout the entire inspection (he arrived about a half hour before we were scheduled to start). He was extremely thorough and knowledgable and on top of this he uses the latest technologies. A lot of inspectors I evaluated boasted cool gadgets, but I was wary they were compensating for lack of experience. Ryan marketed himself, never his tools. So it was a pleasant surprise to see his entire arsenal, but it was clear that his expertise is what led the inspection, with the tech used to support accurate documentation, never a crutch for a lack of skills. INSIGHTS: By the end of the day I felt confident about my understanding of every inch of the property – top to bottom, inside out. Ryan was very even keel about balancing concerns/recommendations with the fact that naturally there is a lot of maintenance required for historic homes. I was never overwhelmed. Ryan was so thorough that he even gave me a tutorial for all of the appliances. It’s super small to mention in a review, but I’m so relieved that I don’t need to figure out how to operate things like the fancy oven on my own. EXTRAS: I recommend the tamper-proof radon test for peace of mind. If you have a chimney, I 1,000% recommend the chimney inspection. Ryan had this crazy cool camera that provided photo evidence along the entire chimney of a lot of issues he uncovered within the fireplace. This documentation has been invaluable in negotiating with the seller. REPORT: Just a few hours after the inspection, the report was delivered to my email. It was super thorough with annotated photo documentation. The radon results were prompt as well. BEST EXPERIENCE: My dad came along, who is a master electrician, and he was also blown away by Ryan. In the purchase of my last home, I thought I had a great inspector, but I told Ryan that that guy pales in comparison to his work. I highly recommend Broadneck Home Inspections!

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Nicholas 1 Reviews
Ryan inspected a home we're looking to buy.

Ryan inspected a home we’re looking to buy. He was thorough and took time to chat to explain issues, possible costs and even potential renovations. Fast turn around on inspection report. Would definitely reach out to him again if I needed a home inspected.

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