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At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we want our customers to make a wise, informed decision which is why we give them every bit of information necessary before closing the deal. Every home is unique and every customer is different, so we offer additional services (including some that most competitors don’t offer) to bring peace of mind. To ensure that you are fully aware of your current or prospective property’s condition, we provide a plethora of additional home inspection services.

3 Reviews for Bryan & Bryan Inspections

Have had two inspections done through them.

The first was great, but the second is let a couple of things out of the report that I feel should have been caught. A glass block window was cracked pretty severely and more importantly the fire alarms were over 6 years past their expiration date. I might use them again, but I should have been more on top of the inspector making sure everything was caught.

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Jason Saldana 1 Reviews
We hired Bryan & Bryan to inspect our new home located in Westbury prior to purchasing.

The report came back with a few miscellaneous things here and there, but one comment on the report stated “inactive termite damage in the garage”. Due to the report stating that the termites were “inactive”, we trusted their word and continued on with the sale. Fast forward to the day we close on the home, and I go to remove part of the trim for remodeling. While doing that I noticed these little holes in the trim along the back wall. To my surprise we found an entire colony of termites living in the walls, and it has cost me thousands to repair/replace all of this lumber. Of course I called Bryan & Bryan to inform them of the termites that they blatantly missed, and even showed them pictures from their report that shows the little holes in it. They are not willing to help with damages, the best I got was, “we can give you a small discount on a termite treatment”. Their “discounted price” was still more expensive than other pest control companies. In summary, I can’t stand a company that will not back their own work. I understand things get missed, we are all human, but if you make a mistake make it right for your customer

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Nichole Rotko 1 Reviews
We had a full home inspection done . Daniel and Zack were GREAT!

They did such a through job, they inspected for 6 hours and provided a very detailed report, complete with photos. We are very impressed!!!! Worth every dime. I would definitely recommend to anyone buying a home!

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