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I’m Charles Lee, a Hancock County resident for 50 years. I am a 2nd generation licensed contractor. I have 25+ years of “hands on” experience. I am currently an active builder. I am a Board of Directors member of Pearl River Home Builders Assoc. I have built more than 50 new homes and over 100 remodel/repair commercial and residential projects. I am a Home Inspector for pre-owned homes, and a Code Inspector for new homes. I have performed more than 2000 Inspections. I have a HUD certification and a VA certification. I am a Certified Mold/Fungi Inspector and Remediator.

3 Reviews for C Lee Building Inspections

Mr. Lee was very thorough and also a Great Pleasure to meet

Very positive and professional. He explained everything as he was moving along the inside and outside of the home checking things. He told me he worked for me (the buyer) and not my Realtor, So that right there helped me trust him even more. I highly recommend Mr. Charles Lee. He is not there to make a dollar, but is highly qualified and has alot of experience with the building of buildings and homes. He is there to do a job and help you either say yay or nay to a home. If you want complete and thorough Grade A quality work, checking the foundation to the ceiling and the window to the wall ???????? lol, hes the one you want to give a call. Sharlott Boone

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adskinner28 1 Reviews
He came out within 24 hours of contact.

Went right to looking under and around the house. Had pictures that he shared with the contractor on-site. Made suggestions with the contractor for a plan of action to address issues and gave recommendations for future follow-up, if needed. Easy going and good communicator.

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Mr. Lee was very professional and easy to talk to.

He was thorough and pointed out several things that were difficult to spot. He did a great job explaining what was wrong with the house and he was very patient with our questions. The report that he wrote was very easy to read and covered everything. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to have their house inspected. It was great service!

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