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Recommended for all homes with a private or shared well system. Using a state of the art well sounder (sonar) and flow meter we run a 100-200 gallon pump test to verify pump flow and well yield (gpm)- the report includes a graph of the results. We inspect the well head (grading, clearances, cover, insulation, etc…), the pressure system (pressure tank including air pressure and draw-down, pressure switch, pump start/run amperage, and other components) and the water filtration equipment (water softener, uv filter, filter tanks, etc

3 Reviews for Carolina Coast Home Inspections

Monica Burgess 1 Reviews
We moved into our home and found

We moved into our home and found that there was no duct work, no heat pump and a broken gas furnace. We’ve had excruciating electric bills, bought and borrowed heaters and a dehumidifier that we empty 3+ times a day. Our home and our clothes smells like a musty basement. Weve had pest control out and our crawl space is not sealed. We asked Jim to help since none of this was reported on our inspection and we had already bought the house, HE REFUSED. He only offered to refund our inspection fee if we signed paperwork promising not to take action. He also said he’d refer extra work for my husband to get extra money to pay for it. We reported him to the state board and he’s been found at fault. If he’s reported again within 6 mos, he loses his license and hes been ordered to take hours of classes. We’ve hired an attorney. . .this is sad and puts customers unable to trust anyone in the service business!!

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Simon Shaw 1 Reviews
Had an AWESOME experience with Jim Glemming at Carolina Coast Inspections Group.

Had an AWESOME experience with Jim Glemming at Carolina Coast Inspections Group. I had a very short due diligence period on a home I was purchasing and feared not being able to find a qualified, reputable inspector on short notice. I am a licensed General Contractor but have no knowledge of “Coastal Construction” so I was relying heavily on his expertise. Jim was very understanding and worked us in his schedule in just a couple of days. I met him on the morning of the inspection and he spent several hours thoroughly checking the home. His inspection and report are very comprehensive. I would highly recommend retaining Jim for any home inspection you may need.

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David McKenzie 1 Reviews
I was very impressed with Jim from Carolina Coast Home Inspections.

The inspection report was very detailed and provided excellent information and a peace of mind before proceeding with the purchase of the property. You can rest assured that Jim will provide the most detailed inspection report. Jim was very prompt and courteous and helped reduce the stress associated with making a major investment. Having an inspector you can trust and that is highly qualified could save you thousands of dollars.

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