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Knowing the condition of the home before you buy or sell will help eliminate unpleasant surprises, lower risk, and give you peace of mind.  In addition, for a buyer, most lenders require a home inspection in order to qualify for home mortgage on a property.  It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.  At Central Texas Home Inspection, we believe that educating you, the home owner or buyer, is an important part of our service and of your home purchase or sale.  We use easy to understand reports with photos and detailed explanations.

3 Reviews for Central Texas Home Inspection

T Buffi 1 Reviews
This guy is awful. He was lazy and misleading.

He tried to gas light me when I called him on it. Rude misleading and unprofessional.

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Jont 1 Reviews
google profile if you have questions. I'm also a local guide.

This guy is NOT trustworthy. He misrepresented his qualifications and did NONE of the things he claimed that he would. He even said things like the dryer was venting into the garage, but the house didn’t have a garage. Literally could NEVER get a response from him, he cancelled and rescheduled nearly up to the day my inspection period ran out. When I finally got on the phone with him he LITERALLY started screaming and cursing at me. Do yourself a favor and find someone that’s not a con. THIS INSPECTOR WILL NOT PROTECT YOU DURING A BUYING PROCESS. This is an honest evaluation and feel free to contact me via my

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Courtney Curtis 1 Reviews
Mike was personable and easy to schedule with.

Mike from Central Texas Home Inspection was great! We actually had him do 3 inspections for us – one for a house we terminated during the option period, another for the house we bought, and a final re-inspection after the seller fixed some things on that house. He walked us through everything in person and showed us where the problems were. He answered all of our questions and never led us to feel rushed or burdensome. He had great attention to detail and even pointed out some weird things to us that weren’t necessarily problems, but were just nice-to-know’s about the properties (ex. which outlets corresponded to which GFCI, a light switch that controlled the dishwasher). Would definitely recommend going through Central Texas Home Inspection and, specifically, asking for Mike!

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