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We have partnered with Down Under Environmental and will schedule their services, along with your home inspection. They offer sewer scoping, radon testing and oil tank searches. We will do our best to have them there at the same time as your home inspection. There is a $25 fee added to your home inspection for this service on the last page of the scheduler.

3 Reviews for Check It Out Home Inspection

Karen has worked with several of my clients.

She has inspected around eight of my clients potential properties and I haven’t had any complaints from them about Karen’s work. To the contrary, they all have been pleased with the way she does her job. She is always on time to the sites, conducts herself very professionally, and made herself accessible to the clients for any possible questions they might have. She is very easy to work with. At the end of the inspection, she gives the clients a brief summary of the potential issues the properties might have, plus the inspection report has always been turned in less than 24 hours after the inspection has been conducted. I have recommended Karen to several of my clients and she has never disappointed me.

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Julie Rossberg 1 Reviews
It is so disappointing that a person can be so bad at their job and still get work.

A year later, we are finding such basic things she missed; 2 doors which could not close due to two different reasons, major dry rot in a window frame, which she didn’t bother to even look at from the outside. How could a comprehensive whole home inspection be possible when the inspector “inspects” the roof with binoculars from inside her car? The heat elator vents were blocked, making the fire place dangerous and inoperable. She didn’t notice that, but did notice a brick missing from a decorative wall in the landscaping. What a joke and a colossal waste of money. We feel incredibly duped, injured from the experience. This is not even a complete list of the things she missed. The long list of things she recommended we have looked at by a “qualified” person was not helpful for us, but convenient for her. This was the largest purchase we hopefully will ever make, and the most helpful she was for her money was to tell us that we had an ungrounded outlet and an outlet with the ground and neutral switched. When we asked her which one, she said she couldn’t remember. None of the outdoor security lights worked, which she didn’t notice… The list goes on, and our disappointment grows. She cited the entrance to our house as being west, when it faces north. Complete incompetence, when it came to us. When we complained, she showed complete unconcern. The upstairs toilet leaked when flushed. She didn’t notice that either…

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Yelena Belikova 1 Reviews
I am a first time home buyer and Karen really took the time

I am a first time home buyer and Karen really took the time to break down all the things she found, and the things I should be extra concerned about. The booking process was super easy, she was very communicative and professional and updated me on every step of the process. I had the report in less than 24 hours. She made the whole process super smooth and easy, so I would absolutely recommend her!

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