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Contented Ewe Home Inspectors

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1. The owner of Contented Ewe Home Inspections, Cliff Steelman, has over 20 years experience in the building trades. In July, 1996, he went to Connecticut to attend the Home Inspection Training Program offered by the most recognized home inspection school in the United States. 
2. As a professional home inspector, Cliff is trained as a generalist to examine the major components of a home and to evaluate them based on the expectations of the purchaser.
3. Cliff, as a professional home inspector, does an objective examination of the home and is not subject to the stress, excitement and anxiety which often distracts the purchaser trying to evaluate a prospective new home.

3 Reviews for Contented Ewe Home Inspections

Char Shark 1 Reviews
If you are looking for home inspector that knows current codes

If you are looking for home inspector that knows current codes I would try someone else. Wasted $!

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Cliff Steelman is a hack and entirely incompetent.

He “inspected” our home prior to purchasing and completely missed several items he should have inspected. I’ll outline a few of my grievances below: First, the kitchen garbage disposal obviously didn’t work, but Cliff claimed it did in his report. Unless it defied the laws of physics and he was able to operate it without electricity, he lied. It was wired incorrectly — something the electrician we later hired said was a blatant error on Cliff’s part. Second, he failed to adequately test the plumbing in a bathroom — which if he’d even turned on the sink, shower, or ran the washer, would have seen that it did not drain and, in fact, flooded the bathroom.

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blake walker 1 Reviews
Cliff was very thorough with our new home inspection.

I was present during the entire inspection, and he checked several things I would have missed, for instance, he identified nob and tube wiring in the attic, although there was none ran to the breaker box. At the end of the inspection, Cliff provided us with a nicely organized binder, and we received photos via email same day.

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