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Why pay for one licensed inspector when you can have two for the same price? You’ll receive a better, more efficient inspection because Credible Home Inspections assigns two licensed inspectors to every job. A veteran, Jesse served on submarines for over six years learning and understanding environmental systems. His 20-plus years of home investment and remodeling experience has helped him evolve into a first-class home inspector with incredible attention to detail—ensuring a detailed, accurate, and unbiased assessment of your investment.

3 Reviews for Credible Home Inspections

Tony Carpenter 1 Reviews
Dan & Jesse did a complete home inspection for my buyers in Happy Valley.

Fast, affordable and thorough. Getting on the schedule quickly really helped the buyer’s situation who were able to close early. They walked the buyers through everything helped explain each item in terms they could understand.

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Heidi Schroeder 1 Reviews
As a realtor in the Salem area we work with Dan & Dale on a regular baisis

. They are a great team to work with!!! Their quality and professionalism makes them a leader in their field. I highly recommend them!!!

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Marsha Trotter 1 Reviews
We had a HORRIBLE experience with this company.

Our inspection was factually and in several places completely inaccurate, there were pictures taken of my disabled Grandmother, her caregiver, and myself that were published in the report without our consent. These were close up pictures, not pictures of the room. The 4 inspectors wrote things in the report with the sole intention of covering their butt versus being accurate. I asked the inside inspector if there was anything that needed to be moved so he could properly inspect, he said no but then noted MANY times how he could not properly inspect (but there might be issues) because of my “storage”. The primary focus of the report was educating on everything that could happen and might happen in the future if something were to fail, but then only a couple of words about how there wasn’t a current issue. There were a couple of items that we were glad to discover so we could repair but the report in it’s totality completely scared off our buyers unnecessarily. We will find another buyer, that’s not the concern. The concern numerous inaccuracies and complete disregard for privacy for my family and of my disabled Grandmother (which I told him). As a buyer I would never use this company because you can’t even tell what you should truly be concerned with. As a seller, I will never allow them to step foot any property I own.

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