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Row Home Inspection, llc can help you make sound decisions based on our professional residential inspections.
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Owner Nate Stitzlein has over 15 years of construction experience and keeps up-to-date on the newest building practices.

Crow Home Inspection’s professional report will provide you with an independent, objective analysis of the observable conditions. Our inspections exceed the standards of practice of ASHI.

3 Reviews for Crow Home Inspection

I am incredibly happy with the service I received from Crow Home Inspection.

I contacted them early on in my home buying process, because this was my first home purchase and I had some questions. Nate was incredibly helpful even before I had an inspection scheduled. I was able to build up some trust before the actual inspection, which gave me a great deal of peace of mind (especially with how fast the Columbus area housing market is moving right now). As for the inspection itself, a very thorough job was done. He scheduled us to meet him at the property after he was finished to walk us through his findings and answer any questions. Full COVID-19 precautions were taken, including face mask, gloves, distancing, and hand wipes, so it felt very safe. He was able to give us more insight into the house than we ever would have had on our own, including interesting tidbits such as the original 1915 hardwood flooring being oak on the exterior and pine on the interior because it was intended to be covered by a rug. It was a fantastic introduction to the house and its history, with him being patient explaining anything we didn’t understand. He demonstrated some of the issues he documented, like loss of water pressure, so we had a deeper understanding that just reading a report would have given. He helped us put together a priority list for repairs and was able to give us rough estimates on how expensive and/or difficult certain repairs would be. He also provided us with further references for more research into old houses and how to maintain them, which I had indicated I would appreciate. He even waited for a bit after the inspection was over to talk to our Realtor about his findings because the findings could impact our negotiation. He also offered to talk to an electrician and send them more images if needed to get a remote repair estimate to help in our negotiations in case we couldn’t get one to visit the property in person in time. The inspection report itself was provided a day after the physical inspection and was very clear, with both a checklist overview and a detailed report with well marked images. Choosing a home inspector can be stressful because a house is a huge investment, but I am confident you wouldn’t regret going with Crow Home Inspections! The knowledge, helpfulness, and kindness were fantastic and I am so happy that I made this choice. While I hope to be in my new home for the foreseeable future, if I ever buy a house in this area again I will without a doubt return to Crow Home Inspections!

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Katie Kohart 1 Reviews
We highly recommend Crow Home Inspection! Thanks Nate!

Nate was so thorough and made sure we understood what updates needed to be made in layman’s terms. We left the inspection feeling confident in buying our new home. We highly recommend Crow Home Inspection! Thanks Nate!

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Patrick Deering 1 Reviews
If you are buying a home in Central Ohio, I can't recommend Nate Stitzlein as your inspector

If you are buying a home in Central Ohio, I can’t recommend Nate Stitzlein as your inspector enough. He was thorough, careful, professional, and friendly. He put things in layperson terms when I needed it, and didn’t talk down to me or patronize me on the things I’m already familiar with. He prioritized my concerns about efficiency, energy use reduction, and water conservation and was able to give me detailed information about everything from tankless water heaters, to roof solar potential, eco-responsible landscaping, and grey water systems. He was damn good at the basics too, noticing even the smallest problems that could lead to large issues if not addressed. A huge “thank you” also to Betsy Sharp, of Coldwell Banker King Thompson, for recommending Nate in the first place.

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