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California Structure Inspectors

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Residential structures and first time home buyers are the bulk of what we do. With over 1000+ possible things we look for during the inspection we ask you to walk with us as we identify areas of concern and explain what its going to take to keep up your new home. From San Clemente to the Inland and San Fernando Valleys and from a Condo to “Million Dollar Listings”. We have done them all!

3 Reviews for CSI: California Structure Inspectors

karamjivani49 1 Reviews
We truly appreciate the detailed inspection using the high tech equipment and detectors.

I have been acquiring CSI’s service for the last approx. 10 years and both myself and my clients are more than satisfied with the knowledge and professionalism that Hugo Lopez provided.

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Hugo was well informed and very detail-oriented!

He also had a really useful thermo gun that detected moisture within the walls, and shared helpful advice on how best to tackle each imperfection in the home.

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herberthamber10 1 Reviews
Hugo Lopez is the King of inspections, there's no other way to put it ! Unlike others in the business.

He pulls out an amazing array of hi tech equipment (drones, infrared sensors, thermal imaging etc) that make him stand out among his peers. He’s also extremely thorough (we’d laugh later thinking about all the problems Hugo would uncover if he had a chance to look at some other properties available for an open house). His reports are extremely detailed, prioritized and overall very helpful. Believe me, if there’s an issue somewhere, Hugo will find it ! My highest recommendation !

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