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I have seen and repaired really well built homes and some homes that were just plain unsafe while the home owners were unaware. I have a strong building and maintenance background and know how to spot material defects as well as potential mechanical failures. I will alert home owners and buyers to potential safety hazards and preventative maintenance issues that if left unchecked can pose serious safety issues as well as costly repairs that could have been avoided. I believe in doing it right the first time so you can build, buy or sell in confidence. Find Coito home inspection on Yelp, Yellow pages, google plus, and like me on Facebook.

3 Reviews for Greens Building Inspections

August Bullock 1 Reviews
Jim did a fantastic job inspecting the house I bought.

He meticulousely went up in the attic, crawled all around underneath the floor, explained all his observations and gave me a complete well written report. The house was built in the 1950s, and his advice was invaluable.

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Dan Roberts 1 Reviews
Great service. Jim alway gives a very informative report.

We have used him multiple times. He has saved us so much knowing issues with a building before the close of escrow is such an advantage!

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Jacob Mack 1 Reviews
When it was time to buy our next house my wife and I both remembered Jim.

It can be very overwhelming when you are on the receiving end of Jim’s report as a seller. Jim inspected our house for our buyers and the list was so long and it was hard to take without some level of frustration. However, it is that attention to detail that makes him such an amazing inspector. He found things that the specialized inspectors (HVAC, Pest) didn’t. He is so very thorough. When your home inspector takes you to a living room to show you that the glass door on a fireplace is a little loose and makes it hard to close the door, you know you’re getting the full picture. When walking through the property with Jim he did his best to show us the issues, but also to show us the improvements. He made it clear which things were important, and which were just stuff he noticed as he went through every inch of the house.

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