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Protect your investment before you purchase or sell a residential property. The cost of a new drain field could be the single most expensive repair a homeowner incurs. Often, the system seems to be working fine even when one or more of the drain lines have failed. If a regulatory agency discover waste has broken the ground, it will fail your sewer system.

When you are negotiating the cost of your new home, it is helpful to know if problems exist long before this stage. A visual examination and testing of the various components are the only way to verify if a system is functioning properly.

3 Reviews for High Tech Home Inspections

Our realtor recommend High Tech Home Inspection.

A very thorough home inspection and a detailed report which followed

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If I ever need inspectors in the DelMarVa region again, it'll be these folks I go to.

Top notch professional service! My agent and I used this company on two separate houses, and I met with two separate teams. Both were very polite and professional. The first house I knew off the bat I wouldn’t get (lake under foundation) and even knowing I would pass, they still completed a thorough and detailed report. Because of this I used them again and the same level of detail was placed on that property (my now current home). They found things I doubt even the sellers knew. Both reports were VERY detailed at around 50 pages with full color pictures for reference. Time was very fast as well, no more than 3 days to receive it.

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markbranson31 1 Reviews
I bought my house almost over 3 years ago.

Our realtor recommend High Tech Home Inspection. That turn out to be a huge mistake. After living in the home after closing, we discovered numerous flaws in his report and had to repair numerous defective structure and interior items. High Techs inspection report deemed the roof and gutters to be in good condition, that turned out not to be true and cost over $4,500 in repairs. High Tech indicated that all outlets were working. That turned out to be false. 3 days after closing we realized that two bedroom outlets (about 8 outlets in total, were not functional and had to call an electrician.) High Tech reported that the AC was in working condition. That turned out to not be true. I had to call an HVAC specialist to fix a part that was completely missing. High Tech indicated that our septic system pump and float switch was operational. We had to replace those things as well after closing. My latest ind is black mold from an improperly installed AC vent and tubing from condensation. I could go on and on with the flaws in High Techs report. In closing, High Tech did not perform a thorough inspection, but instead falsely passed items and only did a good job of pointing out obvious things like missing closet doors or cabinet drawers that did not open properly. I thought I hired an inspector that would thoroughly look deep within the nook and crannys of the house and in places we as first home buyers wouldn’t look, that unfortunately did not happen.

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