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Sewer lines are one of those areas that no one looks at until there’s a problem. Highlander Inspections has invested in sewer cameras and locators to identify and then locate observed defects in the drain line from the building to the tie-in at the tank or city sewer line. Roots, cracks, breaks, corrosion, trapped water & debris, dislodged connections. These are some of the usual suspects we find lurking. When repair costs for a sewer line can run in the thousands of dollars, a wee look see down the pipe might be worth the while. And when no observable defects is the report, it’s reassuring as a property owner.

2 Reviews for Highlander Inspections

Sara Rust 1 Reviews
Loch is very punctual, meticulous and honest

Loch is very punctual, meticulous and honest! My husband and I highly recommended hiring loch for your home inspection needs. Without his attention to detail we may have overlooked quite a few flaws in the home we were looking to buy. He spent 4+ hours doing the inspection! the detailed report we got back on the house had many things that we overlooked in the first walk threw. Do yourself a favor and hire Loch he is a true professional.

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I couldn't agree more with the previous review. I am a local Big Bear Realtor

I couldn’t agree more with the previous review. I am a local Big Bear Realtor. I have worked with Loch many times and he has always exceeded my expectations. I do not come from a construction background, but Loch’s reports are always very easy and clear to read. He is always ready and available to work and answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend Loch to perform your home inspection. It is amazing that we have such an incredible home inspector in our little mountain town. My clients have been able to call him with any questions they may have and he explains everything so simply. He even welcomes my buyers to tag along during the inspection if it makes them feel more comfortable. If I was in the process of buying a home Loch would be who I would hire!

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