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Purchasing and Protecting Your Home or Investment Property should not be taken lightly..

Whether you are purchasing a home, multi-family investment property, commercial property or if you are in the housing industry, you will find the experience of Universal Inspect an invaluable asset in your real estate decision making.

3 Reviews for Home Inspections – Anaheim CA – Universal Inspect

Andy Gomez 1 Reviews
customer service we got from him and his office.

able to trust someone to provide you with the best information about the property is extremely important. James was just that and more, he was very trustworthy, professional, on time and answered all of my questions. My wife and I are very satisfied with his work, thoroughness and over all with the excellent customer service we got from him and his office.

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Robert Adame 1 Reviews
Thank You Brett for all that you have done for me!

Brett is the most professional and thorough home inspector I have ever had. He arrived at the home I was purchasing at 8am and I showed up at 10 to meet him. I stayed 45 minutes and he patiently showed me what things needed to be repaired and even how to do it. I did not want to be picky with the seller because he had treated me so well. Brett then said he had another hour of work to do before he finished up. I have never had an inspector stay four hours and go over my new home with a fine tooth comb. I have paid much more to other inspectors who were unwilling to even check under my crawl space because they did not want to get dirty. This home inspection was presented to me in a large report with pictures. It also included a summary page if you do not have time to read 50 pages worth of details. Not only was Brett knowledgeable but he was also friendly and polite. I would recommend Brett to anyone who was looking for a high quality and comforting inspection. Nothing like signing your closing papers knowing there will be no surprises when you move in.

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Janise Rivas 1 Reviews
I am a first time home buyer and I was advised by my real estate agent to order a home inspection.

I was a little confused and didn’t know where to start so I went to Google and looked up reviews for home inspectors in the city of orange. It was the weekend so several companies did not answer. I called Universal Inspect and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Brett. I was able to have my inspection done for the following weekend. I ordered a gold package which included the home and sewer line inspection, environmental evaluation which includes lead asbestos and mold. My inspector started the inspection and when he got to the bathroom he informed me that there could possibly be mold so he went ahead and took a sample. The report was given to me by the following morning and I also paid for a rush for the mold report and I got that the following business day. The mold came back positive so I didn’t purchase the home after all. I greatly appreciate Eric for letting me know what he found and I’m happy we took the sample otherwise I would’ve been stuck with a new home that had mold. I’m still in the process of looking for a new home and I would definitely be calling Brett again to schedule another home inspection. Thank you so much for all your hard work Eric.

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