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HomePro is the only multi-inspector firm in southeastern Minnesota, offering a wide range of services from full home inspections for buyers and sellers, environmental inspections like radon testing, mold testing and commercial inspections for everything from retail spaces to industrial buildings and so much more.

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Highly suggest this company!!!

We have had to have 2 inspections on 2 different properties in the last few months and these guys were suggested by our realtor. They were a great recommendation. They were on time, very efficient, through, and very professional with any questions we may have had.

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Homepro did a great job with our home inspection.

They covered every nook and cranny. The detailed report was very helpful and thorough. We would recommend Homepro to others.

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ericaring54 1 Reviews
It was very clear after pulling some trim that there are some small areas of mold in the house.

Overall I would recommend for a basic inspection, however I would not in the future pay for any additional environmental services or mold. The inspector was professional and efficient, and caught the code compliant issues. My one issue with the basic inspection is that though they did note that was dry moisture damage under my windows, they did not consider it a serious issue, and even after speaking to the inspector he did not show any concern. After some additional research with the age of the home and the type of windows it is extremely common to have damage like this from the drywall through to the sheathing. The mold and energy inspection were inadequate for the cost with no blower door or air quality testing completed, only a single swab from what I can tell.

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