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The purpose of a home inspection is to determine if there are any MAJOR problems with any of the structural or mechanical systems of the home, which could significantly affect the value of the property. As your inspector goes through his procedure he will uncover many minor problems as well. After the actual inspection portion of the work is complete, your inspector will review the inspection report with you and point out the significance of each item he reports.

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If you’re considering a purchase of a commercial property

If you’re considering a purchase of a commercial property or just trying to develop a replacement schedule or maintenance plan for an existing property, call us first. A commercial property inspection will help you determine the age and condition of the systems that can cost you the most to repair or replace. This includes the roof and HVAC equipment.

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I was first introduced to Homebuyers Inspections back in 2014.

As a real estate agent, I have used them on dozens of home inspections for my buyers, and have had other agents use them for their buyers purchasing my sellers’ listings. I have always found them to be thorough, fair, and ethical. I highly recommend them! Jack, Skip, Deryl, and Ryan are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I trust my clients and my transactions in their hands!

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I would not recommend because of there customer service.

It was our first time purchasing a home and we went with them for our home inspection. The owner was actually the one who came and inspected the home. When the inspection was over I needed to sign the contract and we would get the report. I have always been told to read a contract before I sign it and there were things on there that I did not understand so I asked questions pertaining to the contract. The owner became irate and aggressive when I asked the questions and I was fearful at the point to sign the contract. The owner told me “ I should be glad the other inspector didn’t come out” suggesting he would have been worse. It was very poorly handled and sad to know that he was the owner of the establishment and couldn’t answer questions pertaining to a contract he had made. He ended up leaving angry and I was in shock. I would not recommend someone getting an inspection from this company.

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