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Honor Services offers a complete range of inspections services including:  Residential home, Multi-family home, Commercial Building, Pest Control or Termite Bonds/Treatments, Mold, insurance, four-point, wind mitigation and other inspection services.  We provide quick, comprehensive, professional and unbiased inspection reports to ensure you make your purchase with complete confidence. The home inspection reports include many images and infrared presented in a simplified and comprehensive format to help you make informed decisions for your family or business.

3 Reviews for Honor Services

Kimberly 1 Reviews
The team was VERY thorough in their home inspection

The team was VERY thorough in their home inspection for us – high attention to detail. There were two inspectors there, and we came towards the end of the inspection (which took about 1.5 hours) to ask questions. Both inspectors were knowledgeable, patient, and kind while they showed us (first time home buyers) the dozens of pictures they took, explaining everything they had found, and then took us to certain locations in the house to answer specific questions or show us more. We had a noon inspection and received the official report that same night. The report was clear, detailed, and contained numerous pictures, including infrared. Definitely worth the price! Thank you, Honor!

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Bob Seitz 1 Reviews
Absolutely top notch home inspection service.

John and his team of 2 other professionals attacked our property top to bottom inside and out. Appreciate their thoroughness, and they explain all of their findings on the spot and then send a comprehensive report with all your insurance mitigations along with pictures to make it easy to go back to the seller for items you like to have remedied prior to your purchase. 2 thumbs up with an absolute recommend for Honor Services.

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Shelby Kalin 1 Reviews
Thanks Honor Services for a fantastic job!!

Our lead inspector Jeffrey Prescott was very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He took time to answer any questions about main concerns we had with the home. He was extremely detailed in explaining everything on the report that was an issue. There was another younger guy with him and he was very professional and detail oriented as well. I highly recommend this company for a home inspection. The report is extremely detailed, not difficult to read and has extensive pictures to provide the homeowner with. Thanks Honor Services for a fantastic job!!

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