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Todd Busch Consulting (TBC) offers a diverse range of engineering services that specialize in acoustics, noise and vibration. These include room acoustics, railway designs, highways, private and commercial buildings as well as environmental impacts.

TBC was established in 2007 and the owner has professional experience with significant contributions to over 400 projects involving architectural acoustics, environmental noise and vibration studies for all transportation modes and a diverse range of industrial sites.

3 Reviews for Inside & Out Home Inspection

Laura C 1 Reviews
I was very impressed by Rich

. I couldn’t make it to my inspection but he drove an hour to meet my dad. My dad said he did a very thorough inspection and was there for a long time. That night I received a copy by email and within the next 2 days a copy came in the mail. It was very detailed, with pictures and all done at a great price

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Suzie Larson 1 Reviews
best interests, nor should he offer an opinion on anything except the condition of the home…

Horrible he blew my deal apart. He had an attitude from the first minute I met him. My Seller (present during the home inspection)did not want a well flow test because #1 he had never had any water issues and #2 we are under drought conditions. I advised by Buyer client (also present)to get a well company to perform a test instead of letting the home inspector potentially damage the well and possibly deplete the well. Rich Westervielt acted like a 3 year old and stormed out of the bulk head doors stomping his feat and saying that my Buyers should not do the home inspection without doing a flow test. He then went upstairs and turned on ever faucet in both bathrooms and kitchen full blast and let the water run saying he was conducting the water potability test. (really? in the kitchen and both bathroom showers/sinks and toilets???) With my Seller and Buyers still in the basement, I followed the home inspector. When I questioned him he asked me if I was a dual agent. I told him that has NOTHING to do with the fact that my Seller does not want the flow test done. I asked him why he was running the water from all the faucets, he sneered at me and proceeded to do what he wanted. Later my Buyer sent me the home inspection report, in it he told the Buyer I was not protecting their best interests….He has no clue what I did or didn’t do to help my clients and protect their

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linda ganem 1 Reviews
I have recommended Inside & Out Home Inspection

I have recommended Inside & Out Home Inspection to clients for many years. I have always found this inspector to be professional, honest, courteous and knowledgeable. This inspector reports what he has observed and documents with pictures. Will continue do recommend .

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