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Our guarantee to you means that in the unlikely event that a minor repair is needed for something that should have been discovered within the scope of a home inspection*, we will have the item repaired at no charge to you. This is not a home warranty covering an item that may fail in the future, rather it covers defects that were present at the time of inspection and should have been noted.

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doubting thomas 1 Reviews
Chris was wonderful. did a great job. very pleased with his work.

Attentive. The report is very informative but not user friendly. I had a hard time finding what I was looking for each time. Thank you Chris.

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We hired and prepaid Inspectz to complete a home inspection

We hired and prepaid Inspectz to complete a home inspection for a property we were purchasing. We had a very difficult seller and there was a confrontation with the seller during the inspection and the inspector left without finishing the inspection. I sent a couple emails requesting a follow up inspection to finish for our buying purposes and received no response back. They refunded us for the services that were not complete, but we were left with items that were not inspected. Since we were Inspectz’s client, I expected they would help us get the services we needed instead of the lack of response.

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Lacey Johns 1 Reviews
I had my fireplace inspected and was told it was not safe to use.

He told there were a list of things wrong with it and it would be a little over a thousand to repair it. I asked Craig if he could email me the list so I would know what’s all wrong with it, he said he would. I told him I don’t have the money right now to repair it but when I did, I would call. A few weeks later I leave a voicemail to set the appointment to have it fixed. No reply. I call again and speak with a lady who said she’ll have craig call me to set an appointment. No reply. I call back after a week and she said he is busy but she will tell him to give me a call to set up a day and time. Now its going on 2 weeks since my last call and its ridiculous! I never received my report so I don’t know what needs to be fixed and now I have to pay someone else to come out! Unreliable!

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