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Integrity Pest Management of Suisun City, CA offers the best residential and commercial pest control management services to Solano County and the greater North Bay region. With over 15 years of experience in the pest control industry, we are able to assess your pest problem and recommend a management service that not only keeps the critters away but fits your budget.
If you’ve been looking for a pest control company who you can count on and be provided with the best customer service experience around, look no further than Integrity Pest Management. Our customers love us!

3 Reviews for Integrity Pest Management

Dana Vasquez 1 Reviews
Have a bug problem? They are your solution.

I lived in an apartment unit in Suisun (Renew) at 1st glance all seem well. I never dealt with any infestations so I would rationalize my bites to mosquitoes. I had barely moved to an “new model”unit from the same company because the unit they 1st leased us was infested with roaches and fleas. This one was suppose resolve the problem it was worse. Long story short we broke the lease and were desperate to get rid of everything once and for all before moving into our new place. Randy was super sympathetic to our situation, was so fair in his practice,no judgement, and he came in guaranteeing his work! I was skeptical but he came in did a heat treatment and disintegrated those blood suckers! We are now home owners and the situation left me paranoid so I rather be safe than sorry. I kept Intergity Pest as a bi monthly staple I don’t even see spiders. I am fortunate to have found them they have been a pleasure and blessing to us. They get the job done guaranteed. Have a bug problem? They are your solution.

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Patriciar 1 Reviews
Randy saved the day after Terminex dropped the ball,

Randy saved the day after Terminex dropped the ball, did not show up for the scheduled appointment and rescheduled me for two weeks out without contacting me. He answered my call that evening and came out the following morning, making it possible for our Open House to occur as scheduled. I’ll definitely recommend him to my friends. Jeff

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John Varnum 1 Reviews
I strongly recommend this company for any of your pest concerns.

Randy came to our home on short notice and we talked for quite some time we have Dogs and a pre teenage boy in the house so of course I had alot of questions he took plenty of time to educate me about the entire process and the sprays he would be using. And assured me that it was perfectly safe for humans and pets . He then did his walk through and followed up with the job itself. To my wife and myself customer service is priceless and in all reality lacking in alot of businesses in todays world . NOT with Randy and his company excellent service and old school customer service!! The name INTEGRITY sais it all . And even though it wasn’t part of the job he went around and removed the webbs from the exterior of our home cause they were driving him nuts . And my dogs loved him .

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