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With over 35 years as private building inspectors we are expert at identifying defects and concerns. But our passion is working one-on-one with our clients to give them a crash course in how to understand and maintain a home or building.

By understanding how and why things work an owner can avoid many unnecessary system failures and costs and can often spot a “free estimate” that is simply a sales pitch for unnecessary work. If you are ever in doubt, we are always available for free telephone consultation.

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rilay 1 Reviews
On a scale of 1 to 5 we rate Jack Reilly & Associates as a 10!

As important as identifying problems Mr. Reilly also provided a number of recommended contractors we could contact to correct our problems. It is obvious to us that he has an in depth knowledge of home construction techniques and home systems. That knowledge extends to what was done in various periods in the past and on up to what can, and should be done today.

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Larry Besel Jr. 1 Reviews
We also asked Mr. Reilley to examine our heating system and as a result of that inspection

We purchased our home in Baltimore about a year ago and used a Home Inspection company recommended by our Realtor. That inspection revealed some obvious structural, plumbing and electrical issues but in retrospect it only “touched the surface”. Having lived in our home for a year we have experienced a number of issues which made us think we should have a more in depth review with an emphasis on the slate roof and the heating/AC system. After looking around we selected Jack Reilly Associates, Inc. to give us a second opinion and options for moving forward. During the inspection Mr. Reilly used a state of the art equipment to look beyond surface of our roof system and detected problems associated with excessive moisture build up and inadequate ventilation in our attic which were not revealed by our initial home inspection company. Had these issues been identified prior to our purchasing the home a significant adjustment in asking price for our home would have been justified. Mr. Reilly also provided us a video illustrating precisely where our moisture problems were and as well as the magnitude of the problem. There was no evidence our first inspection company even looked in our attic. we were provided with an excellent number of suggestions we could easily take to improve the maximize heat distribution, minimizing heating loss and addressing the potential issue of a lack of combustion air for our gas furnace.

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