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J&B Discovery Inspections is a family-owned and operated home inspection company serving the Metropolitan Washington area since 2001. Berlin Dean, a licensed and certified home inspector, is focused on educating his clients, as well as performing comprehensive, fair, and objective inspections. You can expect Dean to go the extra mile during every inspection to ensure his client is as well-informed as possible. At J&B Discovery Inspections, we continue to remain available after each and every inspection should any further questions arise.

3 Reviews for J&B Discovery Inspections

Khariburrell82 1 Reviews
My wife and I are considering selling our condo and we also had pipes replaced.

We wanted to have inspection done to identify any issues that could impact a sale and, specifically, provide a second opinion on the pipe replacement to ensure that quality work was done. This inspection was one of the most thorough and detailed I have ever experienced. He not only did an in-depth assessment, he took the time to walk my wife and me with him to explain his findings and answer questions. He spent time in bathrooms, the washer closet, the water heater room, etc. He even went into the crawl space above our condo to look around and took us with him. He was there for a few hours and we never felt like he rushed and he patiently answered our questions. This also showed that he didn’t cram appointments into a day, which allowed him to spend the required time with his customers. To top it all off, he emailed us a copy of the inspection report week and half later. Amazingly, after all of that, he was less expensive than the other inspectors I have worked with in the past.

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Jignesh59 1 Reviews
I would recommend them for any home inspection needs.

J&B Discovery Inspections did a thorough investigation and inspection of my property to identify all the damages associated with the work. They took detailed pictures and provided a detailed report showing the issues. They were on time and very courteous and methodical in their approach.

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Shay7 1 Reviews
I am so glad I went with J&b over any other company

Mr. Dean was VERY THOROUGH and took his time from the crawl space to the roof. I had many questions and he answered them all and affirmed which ones were good and which ones were less significant and would be inexpensive to fix or that he thought I could easily fix myself. His inspections can take a while because they’re so thorough- my realtor even became a bit restless but Mr. Dean stuck to quality and continued to take his time and operate in my best interest. All and all I will be using him for any inspection I ever need.

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