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John Robinson’s Inspection Group is a state-of-the-art, family-owned home inspection company that offers complete home inspection services to the greater San Diego, CA area. We bring a unique philosophical perspective and technological advantage to the market. Armed with cutting-edge technology like Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras, moisture meters, carbon monoxide detectors, and combustible gas leak detectors, an inspector from John Robinson’s Inspection Group has all the tools necessary to ensure your home is safe. We will give you the information needed to help you have confidence in the home you are considering buying.

3 Reviews for John Robinson’s Inspection Group

simonbrown41 1 Reviews
I would recommend this company and especially my inspector Matt to anyone.

I have had several inspections on houses in the past but this was by fair the best experience. The inspector walked me through the report on a conference call about an hour after the inspection was completed. This was extremely helpful as this enabled me to lock my mortgage rate on the same day as the inspection before seeing the official report. His explanation of the report was relaxed and not rushed and was willing to answer many questions. Scheduling and payment was also very straight forward.

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luisenrique39 1 Reviews
He was friendly, professional, very knowledgeable and ready to answer our questions clearly.

We are moving from LA to San Diego. The paperwork that was required before the inspection was done easily. The instructions on what time we should be there during the inspection were clear, just in case we wanted to be there that day. We got there and we felt very welcome. This was important because we felt home before escrow closes. Curtis was amazing. It’s not the cheapest company out there but it’s worth every penny as they were so detailed on their inspection. Highly recommended! Luis Medina.

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lindsayoakley70 1 Reviews
Curtis did an amazing job!

He was super thorough and made sure everything about our house was safe and ready for us to purchase! The report they send you afterwards has pictures of every single thing with arrows pointing at the exact issue and a caption telling you what you are looking at. It was so helpful! They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them!

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