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During the home inspection process, Larry uses moisture meters, electrical meters, gas-leak detector, infrared camera, and other state-of-the-art equipment. His inspections exceed the minimum standards required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. That is why your inspection is liable to take 4 hours or more as compared to the 1.5 hours that some inspectors spend on an inspection. Above all, the inspection is done with your health and safety in mind. Therefore, he checks for gas leaks, carbon monoxide, moisture intrusion, signs of mold, faulty electrical, and improper framing where needed. Your Home Inspector in San Antonio keeps an eye out for energy efficiency. As such, insulation and ventilation are key elements. He uses a precision pressurized hydrostatic altimeter or a laser level to measure the elevations of the foundation.

3 Reviews for LarryInspects Home Inspection Service

momasa basa 1 Reviews
Amazing!!! If you are constructing your new home

Amazing!!! If you are constructing your new home, dont forget to get your pre- construction inspection. Larry was courteous and professional,nand answered all of our questions. Thank you kindly. You are very wise,.and the builder fixed absolutely everything in the inspection report.

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Donna 1 Reviews
I’m quite a busy person but I think Larry deserves my time and this review.

Will be rather direct and blunt. I am a first time homeowner so a lot of anxiety and lack of knowledge but I couldn’t have picked a better home inspector. He will be on time. He is quite thorough and at the same time educational. I followed him for the entire inspection and asked a lot of questions to learn. Larry didn’t mind at all. My realtor recommended her “usual” home inspector but I decided to find one on my own. I later found out my realtor’s house got inspected by Larry as well insisted by her husband, as he was a realtor as well. Larry inspects 1 house a day, which is why he is so thorough and the report he gives you is equally thorough as well. He advertises through word by mouth and charges very reasonably. I actually think with how thorough he is, he can probably charge more. Nevertheless, will definitely be using Larry again and have already highly recommended him.

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Sumit Kumar Jha 1 Reviews
I am buying a new house and had a different inspector take a look at the house.

This earlier inspector worked for all of 1.5 hours; he said this is a very boring house and it is too new (2018) to merit an inspection. I paid this earlier inspector about $500 for the report and $40 for the privilege of downloading the report from his website. Then, I decided to hire Larry based on his AngiesList recommendations. It is certainly one of the better decisions that I have made in life! Larry is very knowledgeable and thorough in his approach. He spent 4 hours going over everything in the house and wrote a much more detailed report that found deficiencies in this 2018 house. He communicates very effectively and educates you about your new house. If this has not impressed you so far, how about the fact that he brings an infrared camera with him and looks for water and air leaks through that camera? How about the fact that he looks for radiation leakage around a microwave? I could go on but I think you get my point. Larry gave me clear candid opinions and he was a pleasure to work with. Please hire him as your first home inspector and make at least one good decision today.

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