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When you hire Bill Lewis home inspector at Lewis Property Inspections, you can count on a thorough and honest home inspection business from a certified, knowledgeable and professional inspector.

With over 24 years of experience in the residential and commercial building field, you can bet that I’ve seen it all!  Is your property 100 years old? It’s no problem! Are you considering making repairs to your home and need a professional opinion? I’m your guy! Are you buying a home and want to make sure that your investment is a sound one? Call me.

3 Reviews for Lewis Property Inspections, LLC

Lauren Kumarin 1 Reviews
Mr. Lewis was thorough and knowledgeable.

He walked through the home with my husband and I and addressed any concerns he had with the property and answered questions we had. His inspection report was delivered the same day of the inspection. I highly recommend!

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Nick Dyer 1 Reviews
This was the worst experience I have ever had with an inspector.

The potential buyers for our property took everything this guy found to heart. Very rude, tried to break the furnace in order to inspect it. ” I do this all the time”. He says. I said “why”. He says “I want to see the bottom of the furnace to see if it leaks.” News flash when an A-coil condensates it drips water. That’s why there is a drain plumbed into to it. Comes from the factory that way. #2. Your roof needs replaced. Hmm. thats weird the house was built 8 years ago with dimensional shingles that last 30 years. #3 soil, trees, shrubs etc touching brick/veneer, “this is a conductive condition for wood-destroying organisms”. The whole house from the basement to the trusses made out of concrete” not wood. Multiple references to wood boring insects. Dude didnt even know what he was inspecting. Here’s another one return ducts should be 14-20 degrees cooler than the rooms temperature, Not in an efficient amvic concrete built house.. And you did inspect our house for a potential buyer. Appreciate the report… Stay in union County.

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Meagan Fendrick 1 Reviews
Lewis Property Inspections, LLC did a fantastic job with our recent inspection.

He was extremely thorough and walked my husband and I through everything. He answered any and all questions we had, and used layman terms so we understood exactly what was going on. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family, and we will be using him again.

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