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The lighthouse has always been known as a steady and consistent guide to those who search for the right path. Captains used the information from the direction of the light to make the necessary decisions to steer through troubled waters and foggy conditions.

Just like the lighthouse provides the right path for captains who are lost or in trouble waters, Lighthouse Property Inspections does the same for you; We shine a light on your real estate experience. Giving you the same consistent and reliable light for making your decisions.

3 Reviews for Lighthouse Property Inspection

Amanda Allen 1 Reviews
We used Scott to inspect our house, being our first house everything

We used Scott to inspect our house, being our first house everything was a little confusing and overwhelming but he explained everything so we understood what needed fixed right away and what could wait and be done over time along with how to maintain it. He’s very good found stuff i never would have thought to look at, would defiantly use him again for any home we buy in the future and would recommend him to anyone out there looking to buy a house!

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Andrew Draut 1 Reviews
Scott did an excellent job inspecting our new home before we purchased.

Scott did an excellent job inspecting our new home before we purchased. Even though it was a brand new house there were a couple of things that needed to be completed or repaired before we moved in. One of the items we may have seen on our own, but the other we didn’t even know about. That alone was worth the inspection. He provides a very thorough report including the model and serial numbers of the major appliances installed in the home. I have used this report a number of times to quickly look this information up instead of hunting for it on the appliance. Pictures were provided of items in need of repair or finishing by the builder. The report was also provided at the end of the inspection in a nice 1″ 3 ring binder. No waiting. I would not hesitate to recommend or use Scott again.

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Chelsey Beadle 1 Reviews
we can bake them a ton of cookies and show some appreciation soon!

Sorry ahead of time, but I know this will be a novel. I called so many places, to compare prices, and most places were the same, so I’m not sure why exactly I picked Scott, with lighthouse inspection, but I’m so grateful that I did! You get a discount if you pay cash(which I hadn’t worked in months so I hadn’t had cash on me in forever), so we made a few plans to meet but our schedules clashed and in between that time, I accidentally left my wallet in the back of the shopping cart for literally 2 min but I was trying to rush out because my son was throwing the biggest tantrum (all my kids and I wanted to do was bake homemade cookies during quarantine for all the grandparents. I have a cleaning business and I also cleaned a house that day and he happened to pay me $100 in cash also) So I went straight to the store for $12 worth of ingredients, and that’s all I had spent out if $362. I got home and realized my brown sugar is hard as a rock, and I ran down the street to the family dollar, (my 2 year old ran out and I took him with me) and they didn’t have brown sugar so we basically walked in and out and my toddler flipped out. I was headed to the next closest store to get one last ingredient, and I got 1 min down the road, and realized I didn’t have my wallet. So I called immediately, already on my way back and he said the manager had brought it up already. So, I’m immediately relieved, (knowing they know me since I literally shop there every single day, I know they wouldn’t open it) until I got there and opened it to no cash, they told me the carts are in a dead zone and they couldn’t do anything about it. So I had just started my second job again, and I was hoping he wouldn’t message me until I had made the money this weekend. But, it had already been a week later, and he finally messaged me, and I needed a couple more days to get the money but I quickly explained what happened, just to let him know I wasn’t avoiding him, and I would have been ready, but apparently someone needed it more than me. Meanwhile, this man told me to consider it a gift, and he hoped everything worked out for my family in our new home. I had literally been stressing about it all week, hoping he wouldn’t text me, until after I’ve made some money over the weekend, and I told him I couldn’t do that, and he insisted on it being a gift, and told me God bless. I cannot tell you how much I want my new house, although I haven’t worked in 2 months, and it couldn’t have came at a worse time, but it’s absolutely the prefect house for me, in the perfect spot, and I’ve never wanted anything more. I really feel bad because Scott fit me in, and rearranged his schedule, to go thoroughly check it out and give me detailed report and all the information, and it was all minor problems. I’m already going crazy being off of work, not getting unemployment, finding my dream home, while doing everything I can to get this house, but I had every intention of calling him on Sunday, and paying him for his hard work. I cannot believe he gifted me this. It’s been weighing on my shoulders all week. Thank you Scott and lighthouse property inspections! From the bottom of my heart. I’m so grateful. He did more than his job, and I’m still in shock. I was completely satisfied before he made me tear up. Now, I have no words. Please, support local, kind businesses. He has a huge heart and I’ll send him any business I can! I was satisfied before he was generous. Now I’m speechless. Thank you so so much! Hopefully, we can bake them a ton of cookies and show some appreciation soon!

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