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Mitch Luecke is the owner and home inspector of MNPro Home Inspections LLC. With over 28 years of experience in remodeling and construction, Mitch has a keen eye for spotting problems with materials, system installation, and workmanship that inspectors without his hands-on knowledge might otherwise miss.

Mitch is passionate about his work as a home inspector, and it satisfies him to no end when he’s able to make a real difference in someone’s ability to close on a home that’s perfect for their family’s needs.

3 Reviews for MNPro Home Inspections LLC

kirkmiller97 1 Reviews
We could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks Mitch!!

Mitch was great. Even though we were looking at a mid-century house and we were aware of some issues, Mitch was able to identify numerous items that made the house unacceptable for further investment. Mitch was extremely thorough and took as much time as we needed to understand all of the issues. Had we used a less thorough inspector.

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Mitch Luecke inspected my home.

He was the most thourgh inspector I ever hired. He provided a detailed explanations and video of problem areas. He also provided infrared imaging at no extra cost to detect problems. I had no problem with the seller over the issues Mitch detected.

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Mitch is awesome! Very knowledgeable

Great guy. Well done reports. I HIGHLY recommend Mitch!

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