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The job that these inspectors do and the role that they play is critical to identifying mold in your home. In order to do their job safely, they are equipped with the proper safety gear and clothing and have the certified skills and experience required to test for mold in the home without adversely affecting themselves, the family, and anyone else in the vicinity in which they are working. So, for those of you who need mold testing services in Washington DC, you can contact our representatives today to set up an appointment. The sooner you have testing results, the sooner you can proceed with mold removal.

3 Reviews for O2 Mold Testing

Edward Sapp 1 Reviews
I get an annual mold check in my house

I get an annual mold check in my house because my dad and I are allergic to mold so we don’t want to take any risk. This year I called these guys and they did a fantastic job. I would say better than any other mold testing service I have used before.

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gerald kody 1 Reviews
We were moving to a new house. I had a baby which was newly born.

I wanted to make sure that everything was right in the new house. So I contacted this company to perform a mold inspection. They came quickly and did the inspection. Then they delivered the reports which were very easy and simple to read and understand. I highly appreciate the great service.

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Sammy Paul 1 Reviews
It was a really positive experience for me. I didn’t know anything about mold.

Our inspector Allen was very knowledgeable about this topic and I learned a lot from him. I would recommend his expertise to anyone who is questioning whether they have mold and need a mold inspection in Washington, DC.

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