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I was on the State of Wisconsin’s Dept. of Regulation and Licensing committee, to assist with the origination of the Standards of Practice exam when Wisconsin rules dictated registration of Home Inspectors in 1998. I served as Vice President of the Madison Chapter of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors at that time and later became education director for several terms. I believe in educating home owners during an inspection so they become better acquainted with their home. This is to protect their interests by knowing when repairs may be needed or even better by understanding preventive maintenance so repair needs are prevented.

3 Reviews for Porters Wisconsin Inspections, LLC

Tedfaust 1 Reviews
They could care less about either the buyer or their real customer, the realtor. You have been warned.

Whatever you do, avoid this firm like the plague. On their website they make out like they are some kind of uber inspectors, saving home buyers from potential problems in a single bound. Instead, they are the most inept, incompetent, unreliable, and unethical people I have ever run across in this or any other business. I was unfortunate enough to utilize their purported services because they were on the realtor’s “preferred inspectors” list. I am fairly certain they are no longer on that list, especially since they threw the realtor and the seller under the bus when things went south. The so called inspection report I received was a masterpiece of cut and paste. Jason Cartwright totally missed a serious roof leak (among many other items). When it was brought to his attention, his main concern seemed to be that I did not post any negative reviews online. He promised me that he would fix the problem if I kept quiet. To make a long story short, after multiple failed attempts to remedy the issue by Jason and his clown car full of Keystone Cop contractors, the problem is still not fixed. So instead of bringing in a competent contractor to locate the leak and actually fix it, he then tossed me over to his sleazy substandard insurance company, who immediately denied my claim without any investigation whatsoever. The alleged claims person, based in California and not Wisconsin, was the kind of guy that made you feel like you needed a shower after getting an email from him, and emails were all I got because the adjuster never even bothered to speak to me over the phone. His attitude was tough luck, file arbitration if you don’t like it, and I think we all know how that would turn out. Meanwhile, Jason and Mr. Porter have washed their hands of the whole affair, and I am left holding the bag. Nice bunch of folks. Stay away from this outfit or you will be sorry.

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Rodney Horikawa 1 Reviews
And his wife -the scheduler – is so warm and friendly to boot!

My wife and I have made 3 real estate transactions over the past 20 yrs that have required a building inspection. These have been in Alaska (2X), in Madison, Wi and now presently in Mineral Point, WI. Warren Porter is the best home inspector we have ever dealt with. What I absolutely loved about the home inspection he did for us today was that he invites the prospective home owner to accompany him on the inspection where he candidly shares what he is inspecting. Warren is walking encyclopedia – building structure, plumbing, heating, electrical – you name it. He is incredibly thorough. He has a super personality – easy to talk to…humorous..he doesn’t talk down to you (He has the gift of explaining very complicated things to novices like us that results in a full understanding ) My wife and I give Porters Wisconsin Inspections our highest recommendation. There can’t be anyone better than Warren in my books.

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Warren inspected a house we are in the process of buying.

He was thorough, he explained everything, and we felt fortunate that he was recommended to us. HE KNOWS HIS STUFF! We can move forward knowing the house is in solid shape. I highly recommend him for home inspections! Thank you, Warren!

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