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Skyler had a wealth of home and building-related knowledge before he decided to pursue a home inspection career. For over 12 years, he worked various construction jobs and gained an up-close and personal knowledge of how homes work and what needs to be addressed when something in the home is going wrong. His experience started with light construction and electrical work, and he eventually moved on to heavier construction and building projects. He also worked for a propane gas company, a position which required him to install and lay gas pipes. In addition to his construction experience, Skyler also has experience with the real estate industry.

3 Reviews for Precision Home & Infrared Inspection, LLC

Nick Finlayson 1 Reviews
We had an excellent experience with Skyler and Precision.

Skyler was highly recommended by our friend/realtor. He was very thorough and professional. The amount of detail in his inspection and report was really unbelievable. I could not have been more impressed.

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Rj Chezik 1 Reviews
Skylar was incredibly professional, thorough, and personable.

As we did the walk-through on the purchase of our new home it was evident that he really went above and beyond in assessing the conditions of the property and highlighting things that may become issues in the future. Personally I feel that his inspection was an incredible value for the information given, and I would and will recommend him to anyone.

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Ian Silverberg 1 Reviews
Every now and then you run across a business that just delivers

Every now and then you run across a business that just delivers on all fronts. It’s rare, but there out there… and you know it when do business with one. From the first call with Skylar I knew I was in good hands. Every part of the process was thought out… and not just from companies perspective, but with the customers experience in mind. They took the time to really think about what this experience is like for their clients. The fact that it’s not just a report, but a critical piece of the puzzle that provides valuable information to make a complex, confusing, and emotional decision about what is likely one of the largest purchase decision someone has to make… buying a home.

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