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Create a team of professionals prepared for the constantly changing environment in which Real Estate ownership exists. Utilizing technology to better serve our customers by continuing to provide a means to educate property owners. With a better understanding of their investment, we hope to continue to create smarter owners and investors, while also creating a company in which each team member realizes their full potential, and has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

3 Reviews for Pro Spex Home & Commercial Inspections Inc

jarrettlebov99 1 Reviews
Highly recommend Pro Spex for home inspections.

Steve (my inspector) was extremely thorough and he answered my numerous questions in detail. I found him very knowledgeable. My real estate agent was also present, and has been through many home inspections. My agent also thought he did a good job.

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I did my home inspection today with Brandon

. He walked my through every detail and answered all of the various questions I had, which was a lot! He took time to show my different aspects of the house and explain how things work and gave background information. He went into the attic, in the fireplace, under the tankless water heater and behind the hvac to ensure everything was working well. I really appreciated the time he took to help me understand everything in the home. In addition to Brandon, Pro Spex sent someone out for the termite inspection, which was a lot quicker, but he was just as helpful as Brandon. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a home inspection.

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sethcommichaux5 1 Reviews
We were getting an inspection for our potential first home.

Our inspector was very professional, very friendly, very knowledgeable and did a very thorough job. He walked us through the whole process and answered every question we had. He also advocated for our time as there were other people trying to force us out early so they could view the house, but he wasn’t having any of it until he finished the job. Very satisfied, would highly recommend. This company also offers many different kinds of inspections. We did a package home inspection — termite, full home, and sewer line. We are very glad we did the sewer line inspection. The house was built in 1921 and the sewer line had never been upgraded — was a total wreck. They helped us save a lot of money and helped provide a lot of information for price negotiations. Thanks!!!

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