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A standard inspection will check the overall structure of the home including the roof, plumbing, electrical, basement, water heater, heating/air-condition systems as well as many other aspects of the building. Other than general maintenance and basic fire and safety issues we’re looking for extensive repairs, improper building practices, defect and deficiencies.

3 Reviews for REAL Property Inspections LLC

Gaylon Johnson with REAL Property Inspections is the consummate professional.

He is knowledgeable, dependable and efficient. In the real estate industry it is of utmost importance to work with companies that are reputable and professional. The quality of his work is OUTSTANDING! Thank you Gaylon for taking great care and concern with my real estate clients! You’re the BEST!!

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Chanel Life 1 Reviews
I highly recommend REAL Property Inspections for all your inspection needs!!

I LOVE Real Property Inspections! They came out 2 days after my request, they were on time, very professional, COVID ready, had great communication, walked me through everything they did and they were extremely thorough! So much so, that my realtor was able to leverage their report to negotiate several significant concessions! I’m so glad I went with Real Property Inspections. Especially since, with my first house, my inspector overlooked significant issues with my roof. So when it was time for me to get insurance NO ONE would cover my roof! Now, with Real Property Inspections not only am I getting a great roof, seller has agreed to provide a roof certification! Moreover, their top priority is my safety- they found radon in the house and other safety issues, and now with the sellers mitigation efforts I can feel that me and my kids are safe.

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Brigette R 1 Reviews
Real Property Inspections were very professional

Real Property Inspections were very professional and knowledgeable about the inspection process. We were very happy with the quality and service we were given. All team members and inspectors were on time and the price for the inspection was very reasonable. It was nice to know where we stood on the house we were purchasing. (What needed work etc). The pictures and information provided by the inspector gave us the details to help us close on our home on time. This company was also very respectful to us and understanding during the COVID-19 process.

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