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At Red Mill Home Inspections, we firmly believe in being every client’s advocate throughout the home inspection process. This helps ensure you’re given all the critical details needed to make a fully informed choice about your future home.

Your home inspector will provide a thorough report listing the pros and cons of the property.

3 Reviews for Red Mill Home Inspections

Kendall Jedrey 1 Reviews
As a first time home buyer, my partner and I were extremely nervous for what was to come from the home inspection.

We are buying a home that needs some updates, so we were anxious to hear all that needed to be updated in addition to our …

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I am so grateful that my realtor recommended Rick Kast to inspect a condo

I am planning to buy. He was perfect for the job … professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. I appreciate the time he took to explain the details …

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Tom Hennes 1 Reviews
Thanks, Rick, for a very good and informative experience. I learned a lot, not just about this particular house, but about how to look at and understand any house!

Rick brought a wealth of both specific and broad knowledge to his inspection of an old house with all the complications and subtleties one might expect of something built long ago and modified many times over the years. He took the time to thoroughly explore the house and the property, as well as to explain his findings as he went. His earlier career as a contractor (with a great deal of experience working on old homes), as well as his rigor and curiosity about what he’s observing, make him a tremendous partner in trying to assess and understand the soundness of a house and all its systems. He is also very prompt, swift in his delivery of a well-documented report, and generous with his explanations and sharing of detail that is essential for a prospective home buyer to absorb. Also fun and interesting to talk to!

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