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Most home inspectors have come into this business from other careers, not Nick Kuvach.  Nick is qualified to authoritatively consult with you as to what it would cost to correct a defect or deficiency found during an inspection.  Nick can tell you how much it would cost for you to make changes or improvements to your new home and what’s realistically possible and what is not.  In addition, at the beginning of the inspection Nick will present to you well over 150 pages of useful literature for you to keep concerning your home and the operation and maintenance of its various mechanical systems and environmental issues.  For as long as you own your home you can call Nick and he will be happy to consult for free.  Nick can give you guidance as to how best to go about putting a job out to bid and how to find a qualified contractor to do your work.

3 Reviews for Reveal Home Inspections

Adam Martinez 1 Reviews
Nick was a wonderfully thorough inspector.

He really took the time to go throughout the home and and scrutinize everything he came across. He was also very informative and took the time explaining the process and what/how he was doing the work and why. The same with explaining the radon testing for the home. His reporting was detailed and complete with photos of what was inspected with recommendations as to repairs and causes for the items found that were in need of attention. I will definitely recommend his services to anyone looking into a new home and will definitely use his services again for the next home I venture into. Thanks again Nick! Great job!

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Kim Sly 1 Reviews
Nick is hands down the most expert, meticulous

Nick is hands down the most expert, meticulous, knowledgeable and trustworthy inspector you will find. He is amazingly thorough and takes his time to scrupulously examine every single nook and cranny. He produced an extremely thorough report and generously explained everything to us. We enthusiastically recommend him and would definitely hire him again. Thanks Nick!

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Robert Lewis 1 Reviews
We used Reveal Home Inspections for our current house

We used Reveal Home Inspections for our current house and were extremely pleased with their services. The inspection was very thorough, pointing out details about the house that were helpful for a new home buyer. In addition, their rates are very competitive especially when you compare the amount of detailed information provided in the report. Nick was very professional throughout the inspection and delivered the report in a very timely manner. I have used several other home inspectors and have never found any other company nearly as good as Reveal Home Inspections. I highly recommend them!

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