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Getting professional advice is just the beginning of what Roof Inspector NM is about, when it comes to roof inspection, roof certification and recommendations on what roofing materials or contractor that is best suited for your particular situation or needs, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

From what materials to use, proper roof ventilation and to managing your insurance claim, Roof Inspector NM, keeps the lines of communications open and is ready for you to have the transparency and support you deserve.

3 Reviews for Roof Inspector NM

Roxanne Barth 1 Reviews
Tom Newkirk was courteous and professional.

He saved me several thousand dollars on my roof. A solar Co told me I had to have a new roof. I advise anyone ready to invest in a new roof to contact Tom first.

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Lawrence Gray 1 Reviews
I meet Tom when i sold him a small pet cage i had posted on craigslist

. In our conversation i asked him his profession. When he mentioned roof inspection i commented that my 26 year old shingle roof was near its end and needed replacement. He came out and looked at it and noticed indentations from hail. He submitted a claim to our insurance company Farmers and even though the hail storm on record was over 2 years ago and my roof was 26 years old due to his diligence the roof was totally replaced with me only paying the deductible. WOW. The whole process took only 2 weeks from his inspection to our new roof being installed in just one day and it looks great. For once the consumer makes out instead of being taken. Thanks Tom we have enjoyed meeting and working with you and feel like we have made a new friend. My only negative is he sided with my wife on the color choice of the shingles.. What happened to the man code Tom 🙂 ?Dana & Lawrence Edgewood NM

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Logan Jones 1 Reviews
I was reccomended to Tom, and gave him a call.

I had an inspection appointment within 24 hours. Tom walked me through the entire claims process, and made it completely painless. A short time later, I had a new roof due to his expertise and professionalism. Tom is truly an advocate for the home owner with the know-how to deftly navigate the murky waters of home insurance. Don’t hesitate, just call and talk to him.

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