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Luigi Carnemolla and Rich Kolodziej are New York City home inspectors providing unbiased, accurate and thorough home inspections in New York City and the surrounding areas. Mr. Carnemolla and Mr. Kolodziej own and operates Safeguard Home Inspectors.  Luigi & Rich provides accurate, informative and reliable information to home owners and home buyers throughout the greater New York City area.

3 Reviews for SafeGuard Home Inspectors LLC

Lindsey Yang 1 Reviews
Luigi was absolutely amazing! He was incredibly thorough and informative

Luigi was absolutely amazing! He was incredibly thorough and informative. Buying a house is a new experience and my husband and I had several questions to ask about the condition of the home. Luigi was insightful and patient, he took the time to answer all our questions. Within 24 hours, we received his fully written out inspection report. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast he was able to get that to us. He included the photos he took during the inspection, made references to them, and even added captions onto photos stating what should be fixed. After reading the report, we still had some questions, we emailed him and he responded in a timely fashion and again, was very patient. It was a pleasure working with Luigi and we look forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks, Luigi!

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Gloss Brooklyn 1 Reviews
Luigi was extremely knowledgeable

Luigi was extremely knowledgeable and was straightforward and honest throughout my entire inspection. He was so good that he made me feel like he has been inside the property before, thats how thorough and detailed he was. He left no stone unturned and checked everything. Luigi answered all my questions and I had a full inspection report within 24 hours. I would absolutely refer him to anyone who needs a home inspection in the future.

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Jovon Ficalora 1 Reviews
Luigi did an amazing job on my inspection.

His inspection report was extremely detail oriented, easy to read and organized. He flagged all the areas that he found to be concerning and provided pictures of same. From the first phone call Luigi was extremely professional and straight forward of the process and pricing, no surprises. He did my inspection Friday evening and emailed my report by Sunday morning.

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