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I’ve helped clients in Central MS for over 45 years. If you are searching for an experienced mentor to help you make an informed purchase decision – give me a call today.

Whether you are buying, selling, building or remodeling your home or property I can help you save money and build value.

3 Reviews for SafeHome Inspections – Gary Smith

Gary is extremely thorough and detail-oriented.

He not only highlighted needed repairs but also explained maintenance of the HVAC, tankless water heater, etc. As first-time homebuyers, this was much appreciated. He included HomeBinder (a maintenance reminder program) at no extra cost. Gary devoted over an hour to explaining the inspection report; he included pictures of everything (including model numbers and brands) and noticed small details such as the drawers not opening to the same length. As an ex energy auditor, he gave us tips to keep our energy bills low. We especially appreciated that he would return to the house to ensure all repairs were completed for a small fee. We cannot recommend him enough!

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angelaboyd36 1 Reviews
I couldn't have been more pleased! Gary was very knowledgeable and very thorough

He took the time to check EVERYTHING and EXPLAIN everything to me; which was invaluable because now I know how to go back to check if needed repairs were done and done correctly. Gary was not in a rush. He was very competent and personable! I made a great decision in choosing him as my home inspector! Two thumbs up!

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stephenadams26 1 Reviews
Gary is a professional builder, not just a home inspector.

He takes his time. He spent 6+ hours inspecting our new home and if was a 4 year old, excellently built structure. This speaks to Gary’s thoroughness of every home inspection, regardless of its age. I love the detailed report he provides. Additionally, he embeds videos to illustrate specific areas and a summary video for the entire inspection. I believer the videos are a newer feature that came along due to COVID-19 situation. If so, I recommend you you that. Let him do the inspection alone, then review the extremely detailed report and videos with you.

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