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Traditionally, leaks are located using “search and destroy” methods. To pinpoint the source of a leak, specialists break through walls and floors, causing extensive damage and leaving homes and businesses a mess. At Same Day Leak Detection, we offer accurate leak detection with minimal damage to your property. Our team of highly-trained service technicians relies on the latest, most advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to prevent unnecessary damage to your home or business.

3 Reviews for Same Day Leak Detection Simi Valley

George Wright 1 Reviews
I called them at 9 p.m. on Thursday and arrived at 9:30 a.m. on Friday!

They used infrared detection and discovered the leak within an hour! They double-checked everything else in the house to make sure everything was in working order. Thank you, you did a fantastic job!

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joni herty 1 Reviews
Excellent service, quick, efficient, and honest.

My tenant has been receiving extremely high DWP bills and I wanted to ensure there was no leak at the house. He was polite and clear as to his services and charges. He was able to come out the following day. He contacted me promptly upon completion and notified me that there was no leak. He also mentioned the most likely culprit being the irrigation system. That’s next on the list. Thank you for you prompt and honest service. Very much appreciated.

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Jason Hunt 1 Reviews
Same Day Leak Detection is just incredible!

They were able to promptly and professionally identify and repair my pipe issue. They used a pipe putty and reassured us that it was a minor leak. They worked quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the house was left in the same condition as when they arrived.

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