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Sherlock Home Inspectors is a complete inspection service, locally owned and operated by Lowell and Colleen Leemkuil. One call and we do it all. We are highly trained inspectors that give you a professional, impartial report. We work exclusively for you, our client. Our hundreds of satisfied clients are our best references.

Our commitment to customer service comes with something unique in building inspections. We will meet your needs with concern, personalization, quality, and a superior level of service. That efficient, warm, personalized service to you is, and will be, the highest priority for all SHERLOCK employees.

3 Reviews for Sherlock Home Inspectors, Inc

lrenee84 1 Reviews
They fell apart when washed and were ineffective after the washing.

He did a home inspection for the buyers of our house. I expect when a contractor has been at my house that when I return you would not know they had been there. This was not the case with this guy. He did not clean up the insulation that spilled out from him going in the attic. He also CREATED damage to our house. Yes, it was small, but it still made me very angry! We had a corner of a wall that had a poor job of mudding done on it. It was near the ground and he been like that since we purchased our home 9 years ago. To “inspect” this mud job, the inspector stick a small flathead screwdriver INTO the mud and pried some of it up!!! He made the poor mud job worse and we had to paint it to cover what he’d done! He also noted on our report that we needed to wash a filter on our air-to-air exchanger. It is a vacuum only filter. Per our realtor insisting that we rinse it and not just vacuum, we had to replace those filters.

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Ibrahimbawi67 1 Reviews
We bought a home that this company inspected for us.

Inspection cost was high in accordance to the poor inspection job that was done. The inspector missed several defected doors including the main door ($1500-2000). Leaky dishwasher that we had to replace ($500). There was a huge chunk (6 ft x3 ft) ($1000-1500) of missing drywall in the master bathroom, leaky faucets ($100), and many other unreported issues. poor inspection quality that will cause us thousands to fix.

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Katiewingert83 1 Reviews
they know their stuff!

These people are not only professional, but even more importantly VERY THOROUGH! Just listening to them talk about these things, WOW!!

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